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Bottom Feeders

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by reel, Jan 7, 2005.

  1. Catch & release bassin I can understand.
    If nothing more than respect for these fine fighting beauties.

    But Carp, Suckers, Sheepshead, Drum etc. please someone explain what I have been missing all these years ? ?

    Nothing personal, just asking for some insight.
  2. I think that you just got in trouble with all the carp fishermen on here. Let's just wait and see.

  3. Lundy

    Lundy Staff Member

    The beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    I've never undertood how someone can bring into question someones disires, likes, and dislikes just because you don't share the same views.

    I guess I'm old enough to have developed a deep belief of to each his own. I promise that I will never tell anyone how or what to think as long as they don't tell me what to think. :)

    I know a guy that kills every muskie that he catches on Alum each year just to kill it. :( I don't agree with it, bit it's not illegal, and he thinks it's a good thing. I didn't argue with, I just don't fish with him anymore. I know a couple of other avid carp fisherman that eat plenty of bass that they catch but release very carp.

    Everybody's different, who knows try something new you might like it. :D

  4. catking

    catking Banned

    Diffrent strokes my friend....... There are some who view C&R carp as about as dumb as others who C&R bass........Really there is no arugument for either. I'ts all in what you think. I personally release everything I catch , which isn't much, but I will alos be the first to keep a basket of 'gills..... THE CATKING !!!
  5. what eactly is your question? Is it why people fish for them, why people catch and release them, or why people eat them? I personally like to catch carp, although they are terrible for the environment they fight like hell and its the easiest fish to get over 10lbs with easy access to ones pushing 20# or more. If you were asking why people release them then i don't really understand the point in killing a fish just to kill it, seems like a waste to me. they belong in the water just as much as a bass or eye does. plus their fry supply good forage for the predators (all the muskie people love to catch were raised in a hatchery on carp fry). as for why people eat them don't ask me, easy to catch? mabye they taste good, can't knock it till you try it. The best fight i've ever had was a largemouth buffalo i hooked in the maumee walleye fishing and my buddy hooked one that took off running and totally stipped him, and he knows how to fight a fish. some of the suckers we pull out of there provide a lot more excitement than the dead weight the walleye are when pulling them in.
  6. Whaler

    Whaler Whaler

    Don't kill things just to be killing! Every living thing has a purpose and if you aren't going to eat it or mount it put it back and let it live. Ther's too much killing and lack of respect for wildlife already.
  7. Elamenohpee

    Elamenohpee Banned

    What the heck is an eye doe ???? A female walleye? ;)

    Carp have been being raised for food for over 2000 years in China and were the first "farm raised" fish in the U.S. Thomas Jefferson had a carp pond and it was used as a food sorce then as well, actually carp ponds used to be very common.

    I smoked one once with a couple hundred pounds of salmon. I couldn't bring myself to eat it, but some chick who was workin' on the farm did and she said she liked it more than the salmon :mad: Kinda like saying "tastes almost as good as McDonalds" :eek: :eek: :eek:
  8. If all you fish for are bass then you are missing a lot. A carp is a slow freshwater bonefish. Tie into a 10# carp on bass tackle and see what happens. A 10# walleye on equivalent tackle fights about the same as a 10# bass, steady strong fight. I base this on experience of comparing my best bass, close to 9# with the numerous 8 and 9 # walleye I have caught while casting for them. A 10# sheephead will plain old out pull any bass in my estimation, Want a super fighter? Hook up with an 18" whitebass.
    I'll admit that there is nothing as thrilling as a 5# smallmouth suspended a foot or two above the water in his 3rd or 4th jump but the 5th long strong run of a carp is just as thrilling to me.
    I release all the bass I catch. Why? Cause they don't taste any better than the carp, sheephead, whitebass or suckers that I catch, but not because of their fighting ability. I also release all the others for the same reason including a lot of large walleye even though they are super eaters.
    As a multi specie angler I respect each fish I catch and am thankful each time I have something on the end of my line.
  9. Miso_Ohio

    Miso_Ohio Green Eggs And Ham

    Aahhh Carp, one of my true loves. Lets break it down with a little history.

    I was raised fishing for bass and trout in the nice fertile waters of central PA. Spent many a days wading and trying to pull big brownies out of the bottom of heavy current in spring fed creeks. Also spent many days early on going after Largemouth bass, and then after discovering the smallie fishing on the Susquehanna I spent many a day there reeling in monsters left and right. Up to that time I though river smallies where the best fight around, I soon lost interest in largemouths.

    Then one day someone brought up to me how big the catfish get in the river I was fishing and told me of a spot to go. Now I did not know much about bottom feeders, but I had hear the catfish like chicken livers, did not know the difference between a flathead or a channel back then. Anyways I went after this full force for a summer back when I was like 18, kept seeing pictures of people holding up these huge catfish, I wanted to be one of them. Anyways I did all right but not great caught many of small (1-8 Lb) catfish that I now know to be channels. I would bring my sleeping bag my gear and a case of beer, I was content.

    One night it was really quite, nothing at all, I was gettng tired and my buddy and I decided to call it night. I reel in one rod no problem, then the second rod, I did my normal tug to break it loose from the bottom to reel it in, but this time instead of breaking it lose it held fast. Crap I am snagged I thought, then out of nowhere I hear a huge splash in the water and my pole doubled over. I have never felt anything so powerful and fast I can only compare it to light tackle blue fishing in the ocean. Anyways I was fighting it for a while, I thought I had my monster catfish I was hoping for. It seemed to tire a bit so I was bringing it in, as it got close to the shore we both saw the glint of gold, my buddy smiled and yelled its a carp, I had no idea. Anyways, I guess the fish did not like the light and got a second wind, and on that surge snapped the line. My legs where shaking for hours after this, my buddy admited his where too.

    Anyways that fight remains in my head as clear as it was yesterday, I will never forget it, but for the life of me I could not get another one on the line. I kept heading out to that spot with liver but never hooked another one from there. I snagged a few while fishing for other species but the fight was not the same as ti being hooked in the lips.

    Fast foward a few years, I am now living in Columbus, the river's and creeks around here where nothing like the ones back in PA. Out here, most of the fishing seemed to be done in lakes, almost the exact opposite of where I was from. I finally broke down and bought a pontoon boat and docked it at Buckeye. Use to fish it a lot for catfish after I got off of work. Then one night we discovered if you threw your chicken liver really close to the bank of an island, you had about a 10% chance of getting a carp. After I hooked that first one there, I was hooked myself, what a great fish.

    Not too long later the weather was bad and I could not get my boat out, so me and my buddies sat at the little pond out there and catfished, catching a ton of bullheads and an a channel every one in a while (they had not yet started stocking hybrids out there). About 2 am we started hearing all of this splashing and excitement going on down the bank from us. This kept going on and on, until Johnstown John and I decided to head down there to see what was up.

    There where two teens about high school age having the time of their lifes. Asked them what they where catching and one replied carp, right then his buddy's line took off and we watched him fight a nice fish. When they got it close to the bank he just reached down with some pliers, grabbed the hook and let the carp pull free. John and I where fascinated, the only way we knew to fish for them was with chicken liver, and it was still kind of rare to hook one that way. So we asked the teen we where talking to what they where ctaching it on, and he replied Rye Krisp and peanutbutter. Well we asked the normal questions about Rye Krisp and soon figure out what it was. Then as we where turning to walk away, John asked the question that sticks in my head today, why peanutbutter? The kid looked at him like he was the dumbest person on the earth and replied "Cause They Like It".

    Anyways caught many a carp that summer using rye Krisp and peanut butter and I have never looked back. Now everybody has the stories about that monster carp they snagged in a spillway or hooked while trolling crankbaits, but what I am starting to figure out is carp are not dumb. Granted you can sit there in a good spot and catch 8-15 Lb carp all day and have a blast. But to go out and target bigger fish, and purposely try and hook them is a whole other ballgame. I find it very challenging and very rewarding every time I bring in a fish over 20 Lbs. Another thing I have noticed, is most people do not know what a 20+ Lb fish feels like, I can not count the number of times someone tells me they where catching these 30-40 Lb carp and they where catching them all day. And then I see them reel in about a 12 Lb fish, and they turn and look at me and say see, what did I tell you. I am not one to ruin a good fish story, so I smile and say thats awesome, way to go.

    Anyways there is my story on why I love to fish for carp so much. Yes I have a boat and yes I do fish for other species every chance I get. There is just something about that smelly, slimy but yet beautiful fish that will always hold a soft spot in m heart. Hope that answers your question and sparks some interest.
  10. Miso and Shortdrift,you couldnt have described the reason we fish any better!
    :) :) :) :) great story! and great wisdom/advice/opinion.
  11. I agree 110% with the respect for all fish, game fish or not, posted in this thread.. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Hey reel anytime you want to hit the bank for some great arm hurtn fightn with HUGE fish give me a yell... I love carp fishing but there are those on here that make me look small in comparison... ;)
  12. amazing189

    amazing189 Member

    I agree with most of you, wholeheartedly. Carp are a strong, mostly underrated catch. I hooked a couple Grass Carp one year fishing for bass & was amazed at the fight. Since then I have specifically targeted them, although with limited success. Hopefully this year will be different... :) I'm not sure though if a carp is quite like a bonefish. Most of the bonefishing that I've done is line class style. While most of the folks I know catch carp for the sheer exitement (and opportunity) to catch a large, great fighting fish. I've seen bonefish just off of Stiltsville spool guys specifically rigged for them 2 and 3 times a day. It's just part of it. As far as killing fish just to be killing them, isn't that one of the seven signs of a budding serial killer...jusk kidding. As a kid we used to tie needlefish in knots & throw 'em back when they hit our shimp, or shoot them with a BB gun & watch them swim in circles. But I've grown up alot in 20 years. I'm a little more up to speed on plain old right & wrong. I can't even see doing that to a gar. I hope I didn't offend any gar fishermen out there, I like catching them, too. Heck, I enjoy anything I catch these days & throw them back so someone else with the same luck as me can enjoy them one day, too.
    Just my thoughts....
  13. Ouch ! !

    I never intended to offend anyone here, especially this exceptionally friendly OGF group.

    Also I never to my knowledge brought malice to any of God's creatures ever.

    I was brought up in post depression days when hunting and fishing was an important family food source, and was taught the importance of conservation. And so I have consumed some of most all species, never wasting a thing.

    It bothers me greatly to walk out on a breakwall and see certain species flung back and left to die or boaters banging these critters against the sides of their craft with disgust.

    I certainly respect all views expressed here, and now have a new appreciation for the expressions of love shown by OGF'ers for all variations of this wonderful sport.

  14. something shortdrift didn t tell you is always give a big cat or carp a big kiss on the forehead before you let him go,that fish will always remember you!!!!!!!
  15. Miso, great story. Carp give you a chance to catch something that is big and fights hard, and if you are lucky, you can catch a lot of them. Thought hardly a big fish, I still have great memories of watching my daughter battle an 8lb carp on very light lackle from the Great Miami river. I can't wait for warmer days and the sound of bite alarms and clickers filling the air.