bottom bouncer question.

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    when using BB's while trolling are they always run at the bottom ., and why not inline weights instead ? or even harnesses behind jet divers? i always read about using them ,but i9 dont know why?
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    There are different degrees of running on the bottom IMO. You can set a bouncer to just skim the bottom or let out more line to drag the bottom and create more commotion on the bottom. I believe bouncers act as a wake up call to lazy walleye that are sitting on the bottom of the lake, often times I'll catch walleye that litterly have mud on there face and red belly's from moving around on the bottom of the lake, I think they can hear the wire skimming across the rocks and zebra mussels that gets there attention then when they see the spinner go by it causes them to bite, I like running them slow, always less than 1.4 or so. Bouncers work very well for sluggish fish and believe they have a much different and direct pull because they are running directly from the corners of the boat, so they don't have the surge that an inline would on planer boards. It's more of a direct pull rather than the stop and go that pulling an inline weight and a inline planer board will have. I've run spinners of snap weights, inline weights, dipsey's, and bouncers and each presentation has there day to shine, I've run them off jets as well they catch fish as well.

    There's my .02 Van.

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    thanx kevin ,now i see. it's the bottom ticking that draws their attention. in other posts i was not sure if they were in contact w/ the bottom.
  4. Sorry Freyed I could not resist
    the BB's possibly it got your attention. Kgone gave some good
    advise and I would like to add a couple of my own. I was told that
    you use bouncers that weigh atleast 1 oz. per ten ft. of water
    and to keep rods at a 45 degree
    angleand I have used this method for the last 2 years and
    it has done wonders for those
    sluggish bites and I would change to using harnesses and
    Jets for those suspended.