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  1. I Am Having A Terrible Time With Boots, I Just Can't Find A Waterproof Boot. I Don't Like Rubber Because My Feet Sweat A Lot. I Have Had 3 Different Pairs Of Cabelas, A Pair Of Ll Bean, And A Pair Of Red Wings. Right Now I Am Ready To Go To Wally World And Get A Pair Of $40 Hermans! The Last Dry Pair I Had Were Rockies, Maybe It Would Be Worth It To Take A Ride To Nelsonville. Any Suggestions??
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    I've always had good luck with Rockies. I've heard people say that the quality of them took a dive a few years ago, but I have a two year old pair that have held up great, and keep my feet warm and dry every time I wear them.

    I also have a pair of Wolverines that are about seven years old. They look like they've been through hell and back, which they have, but they have yet to leak.

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    I will never buy a pair of Rockies again. I never have luck with those and I work outside year round. Wolverines on the other hand are solid boots! I buy a new pair about every other year and I put some serious mileage on them.
  4. I buy a new pair of hermans evry year. I wear them to hunt, then put screws in them and use them to ice fish. After ice fishing I end up with a pair of work boots that I wear until the weather gets too warm for them or I wear out the support in the ankles from wearing them without lacing up just pulling them on and off all day, I do service work and shoes on and off all day. Never had wet feet with them unless the water was deeper than mid ankle. One of the better buys for me.
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    Rocky is the way to go, Ill never own anything but Rockies, And you get a 1 year warranty when you buy a new pair.
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    I USE to be a huge Rocky Boot fan, but all that changed with the last pair I purchased. I bought a new pair of Rocky Para boots about 9 months ago. These were over $150.00 boots and after only 2 months the soles on both boots began to separate from the upper portion of the boot. I didn’t keep the receipt as I had never had any problems with the 4 other pair (2 pair of Cornstalkers and 2 pair of Bearclaws) of Rocky’s I have had. I attempted to contact Rocky, but was told that without the receipt they could do nothing. In desperation I took them to a local shoe repair shop in Highland Square that has been in business for over 40 years. After 3 attempts to glue the soles back on, the shop owner gave up. I went to pick up my barely used boots and the repair guy told me he would never take in another pair of Rocky boots for repair, ever! Made in China pieces of crap is what he called them. I will NEVER purchase another pair of Rocky boots, or recommend them to anyone either!
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    I have Rocky boots for years and will always have Rocky's. Like anything you buy there are good and bad. You get what you pay for. Buy cheap get cheap. The ones I use mostly are 1500 thinsulate. NEVER had wet feet and my feet are always warm. The best I have are 2500 thinsulate Rocky boot that I use ice fishing. These are heavier but the warmest boots I have ever had.
    I know others will disagree about Rocky's but I have and will recommend them to anyone. make the trip to Nelsonville and check out their different styles and quality. As I said you get what you pay for. If you want a cheaper boot they have them, if you want top of the line, they have those too.
    Red wing is another great boot that I have along with Wolverine boots. Check them all out and get what feel good to you.
    As for exchange or repair ALWAYS keep your receipt. Rocky has a one year warranty and if you have your receipt they will exchange them with out question. How are they to know the boots are newer or several years old? Without the receipt you really can't expect them to give all your money back.
    I have a pair that are 5 years old and still look like they are newer.
    I do know Rocky had a problem in the past with soles coming loose but I understand they have made changes to correct the problem.
  8. I understand that Rocky had moved manufacturing to Mexico some time ago. Last pair I bought for $180 had a lug sole and the lugs were formed and hollow !!!! They wore out in three deer hunting seasons !!!!:mad: Bought a pair of Hermans for $40 to get by on and they are now four years old, warm, light and going strong. These Hermans are the formed Cordura, 200 grams of Thinsulate, waterproof and breathable. I wear a pair of wicking socks and a pair of Smartwool and feet are warm and dry. Personally, I wouldn't waste my time and money (gas) going to Nelsonville.
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    i agree 100% with redwings.the pair i got cost $150 and my feet have never gotton cold and that is with steel toes.i had the same problem with the rockies with the soles falling off so i switched
  10. A pair of Wolverines I've been wearing for about 5 yrs.......they dont get hard wear but never leak and still look decent. Once or twice a year they get a heavy coat of mink oil rubbed in good on the leather portion.

    Thinsulate and gortex layers. Leather and nylon camo outers.

    Big believer in gortex. Might be other good stuff out there, but over the years, I have had good luck with products including gortex for warmth and dryness.
  11. I notice the your tag is Birdhunt. So going by that, I guess that you are wanting a pair of boots for bird hunting not deer hunting. Two totally different boots types. I do a fair bit of bird hunting and have went through different boot brands. I always get boots with little insulation to no insulation for bird hunting where as I go for more insulation for deer hunting.

    As for Rocky, I do not like them for bird hunting. I have never had a pair last through one season of grouse hunting. And as for returning them, I was told by the company that they would not replace any more boots sent in by me. I spent over a $150 for a pair of boots that leaked the first time I went hunting. By the end of the season I had went through five pair of their boots. I hunt grouse in some tough areas but the boot should last at least through the season. And if it comes with a one year warranty then it should last one year or be replaced. And I did not get my money back either, just a new pair of wading shoes.

    RedWing boots are decent boots for medium grouse hunting. Which is to say that you are hunting in areas with little rocky step incline and your not going to be going through much green briers. I have a pair on now I use while cutting fire wood. The leather has held up good but they started leaking after one season. Seams are their week point.

    Wolvering makes a good boot that is light and durable. My dad uses them a lot. And he has had good return success with the company. I do not wear them only because I have not found a pair of size 15 made by them.

    But if you plan on doing any hard long tough bird hunting go with Danner Boots. I have never been disappointed with this company. The one pair of boots that I returned was promptly exchanged and they even put a thing of boot cleaner in with the boots. You will pay a little more $180-$250 for these boots. But the boot is light, tough, last a long time and more important than that the company backs their boots. Great boots and great company.
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    I have a pair of Wolverines like Bobinstow90 (camo,gore-tex, 1000 thinsulate) and am very pleased. The hard lugs are NOT designed with ice in mind, but warm and dry they definitely are.
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    I use Caterpillars for work and absolutuly love them. They are comfortable, affordable and durable. But I noticed that they are made in China, so my next pair of work boots will be another brand. I tried Wolverines once and will never buy those again. They fell apart in just a few weeks.

    My hunting boots are Rocky's and I have been really happy with them. Feet are comfortable, warm, and dry. But since they moved their production overseas I will buy another brand when it is time to replace them.

    I have heard good things about Georgia boots, Red Wings, LaCrosse, and Chippewa boots. I think, though not positive, that those brands are made in USA. I would have to double check on that.
  14. I use to wear teeny shoes all year round until this year. Got tired of wet and cold feet. I went and got a pair of Rocky Timberwolf 800. The first day I wore them I was in heaven. Dry and toasty toes. Then I went to a game the very next day. My damn feet froze!! Well I thought it was the boots leaking.

    I called the store and talked to the sales guy. He said bring them up and they would replace them not questions asked. After talking for about 5 mins he said something that turned on the old porch light in the head. He said if you do not wear wick away socks your feet will feel like they are in a boot of ice water. I told him I was wearing a pair of cheap thick socks and my feet did sweat allot the day before. I told him I didn't put them over the heater vent the day before nether. Well to cut this long story I told the sales guy I think it might be on my end that my feet were cold.

    So I got a few pair of good socks and put the boots over the vents every night. I have not had one cold toe since. You need a pair of good socks the first thing and then make sure you air out your boots every night.
  15. If you want the toughest boot made in leather, get a pair made out of Kangaroo hide. They will stand up to all the briars and sharp grass you can walk through.
  16. Well, I do mainly hunt birds, so I am in wet grass, and snow a lot. I used to wear Bean rubber bottoms, but they just don't have enough support for me anymore(65 yrs old). Kangaroo probably is the toughest, but that isn't my problem--leaking is, and the last 2 pairs of kangaroo[1Bean and 1 Cabelas] got returned with very few miles on them. Red Wings and Wolverines used to be my boots of choice after Hermans left the country, I've had Red Wings that leaked, but I must say I never tryed waterproof Wolverines. Never could find a pair of Danners that fit right--always too narrow. Thanks for all the input, but I think I'll go with the cheap Hermans.
  17. Just bought a pair of rockies 1200 thinsulate. hope i have better luck then some of the reports, scary!
  18. wouldn't worry about them, just save the receipt :)