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  1. Anyone out there have any success with the Bomber brand lures. I have only used the Bomber Model A 0-3 foot model along with the 3-6 foot model. All in the baby bass color. I have only had a chance to use it on the Little Miami. Would this be a good creek or lake lure? Let me know if Bomber is working for you guys and gals. Since I have purchased my first Model A about 4 months ago. I have yet to have a fishless outing. Never really produces a large amount of fish but nonetheless I catch something other than a cold.

  2. Orlando

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    The Bomber model A's are some of the best and longest production made lures aound. They are some of my favorite cranks to use

  3. liquidsoap

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    Bomber model A's are the only cranks shallow cranks I like.
    Never really liked any of Bomber's other lures.


    Some Of The Best Lures Made, In My Opinion, The 1/4 Oz. Long A's Are Wonderful Twitchbaits. They Stop Making Them In Baby Bass, But I Have A Few Left. They Are Great For Smallies
  5. Model A's are GREAT crankbaits.

    Long-A's may be the best striper lure EVER. I have 4 taklebox drawers of them in many colors and sizes. I've had the most success with the Blue/Silver cranking it very slow so that it swims on top and creates a wake. Big, Fall season Chesapeake Bay stripers CAN'T lay off!!

    I've caught smallmouth, LM, white bass, wipers, and sauger on them.

    We also use them for trolling/casting both inshore and offshore stripers, dolphin, kingfish, grouper, barracuda, redfish, bluefish, tuna, wahoo - They've all been taken with great success on Bomber Long-A's...I even know some guys that have had success catching musky while trolling them.

    Dang....I should do a Bomber commercial.
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    Bombers.............Great baits! IMHO. One of my favorite river/creek baits. When targeting smallies......I only throw 3 things, 3" plus plastics, Rebel Craws, and Bomber A in the craw pattern. The Bomber always produces. I guess you can call it one of my "gotos".