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Boles Harbour? Bohels? spell ck

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by mrm123, Sep 14, 2004.

  1. My Sunday trip canceled for the river, so now I'm going to this place for the first time. Any body do any good there?
  2. fish thier often. whats your flavor? perch,eyes or bass?

  3. We are gonna be targeting bass. I'm bringing 4 rods, senko,spinnerbait,jig-pig,liplesscrank. Any help thanks a bunch.
  4. the rock wall after you clear the channel is usually pretty good for largemouths, also the mouth of the rasin river can be productive along the steel wall, If it smallies you want there is some rock piles off of sterling state park beach. plus stoney point is good for smallies. hope this helps. Good luck
  5. i had a tournament up in brest bay around there early this summer, fishing was dead till the last 1/2 and then i boated 3 in as many casts, and another a few minutes later. it was pretty crazy. woulda had my limit be he got off and we were already pushing it to get back to the launch in time. It was overcast all morining but once the sun came out so did the fish. i got a pic of the better two in my gallery, one was 3.5. i would imagine bolles would hold a decent number of fish as well.
  6. Thanks for the input, I'll post results Monday. On another note I bought my first Boat last night. (My pondhopper does'nt count). I got a 14ft 30hp 4 seater fiberglass Vhaul. Not much but its mine 1973 peremarquette with a johnson motor. Took it out last night out of Cullen Park in the point. I've got a few things to learn but I think its gonna be nice for the inland lakes. Irish hills here I come.