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  1. Lewzer

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    Went to the Cleveland Science Center Friday night. They have the Bodyworlds2 on exhibit right now.

    Real people plasticized and disected on display. Showed brains that have partially died from a stroke. Hearts after a heart attack, livers with cancer and cirrhosis and smoker lungs and a coal miner's lungs. All compared with normal healthy organs.
    In June, buy one adult get one half price (Not advertised). Evenings are $5 cheaper and you don't have hundreds of screaming kids to deal with.
    If you get a chance go see it.
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    I went to a class once to stop smoking. They passed around some lungs, one healthy and one from a smoker, maybe one with emphazima too. Anyway, the good lung looked like a piece of meat from the butcher, the bad ones were black & had holes in them, etc. Pretty impressive. I didn't quit then (1977) but I did in Dec of 1990

  3. "In June, buy one adult get one half price (Not advertised)."

    That sounds like a bargain. I can buy a couple and prop them up around the house so it looks like I have company over. Would the plasticizing process keep them from stinking or do I have to get a big refrigerator to keep them in?