Bobcat tracks

Discussion in 'The Lodge' started by Treebass227, Dec 8, 2008.

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    i was hunting around Batavia this weekend and I found some interesting tracks. I am wondering if they are bobcat tracks. Can anyone tell me more about bobcats around Clermont county?
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    Or....there's an article on here under "ODNR & WKYC News Feeds" :p

    Just saw that one.
  4. Look just a cat print, but no claws.
  5. Well they definitely are about. I saw on the news that in the past couple weeks theres been two killed in belmont co, one on I 70 and I470, and also one in jefferson on rt 7.
  6. ...They migrate in from W.Virginia & Pa...Just when one is spotted it is a sighting we don't see very often here...Take the bears every now and then one is spotted here in Ohio...I am from Pa. never saw a track ..have seen and heard them....Does not surprise me......C.L....
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  7. My friend in Kentucky has shot several of them. but they have quit the food source.