Bobcat sighting.

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  1. I saw a Bobcat on the way to work this morning. I live in East Sparta ohio and i have to take some back roads to the expressway. He wasnt very big. He was just running along the roadside at a pretty good pace and then cut acrossed the street. he stoped and turned around and sure enough it wasnt a house cat. That was a pretty cool thing to see.
  2. Start taking you camera with ya ;) pics of that would be great!

  3. Bobcats are native to Ohio. They prefer to avoid human contact and that is why they are not seen often. There use to be one in Sharon Woods Park here in Columbus back in the 80's. They caught it, took three months, and released it in a more "friendly" area. I would have loved to have seen it.
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    Sorry, couldn't resist.

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    UFM82 works for a " Bobcat" distrubution center, if most of you sane people out there are scratching their heads :rolleyes: .That's not bad Craig :D ... DA KING !!!
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    And here I was thinking I was sane! Are you saying they're distributing "Bobcats" these days. :confused: Oh, okay I get it now. You're talking about the front end loaders, not the rear end...alright, I won't go there. :D
    I bet that was a cool sight to see.
  7. What was a cool sight to see? The rear end....oh ya, you weren't going there.
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    I've never caught sight of one in Ohio, although I did see a couple down in Kentucky during one trip to Laurel River Lake. They're a neat looking little cat.

    We have a mounted one in the lobby of the Admin building here. Bobcat Co. gives them for dealer's 25th anniversaries. Nice mount by a pretty talented taxidermist. I love their faces.

    Bass Pro has one over on the waterfall that you see as you are moving on the "down" escalator. Worst looking mount in the place- the cat looks like a stuffed animal. ( you know what I mean.)

    I have tried to draw one out before up in Morrow but never saw it. It would come take feeder rats out of a tray we put 2 feet up a tree trunk. The remote camera snapped its picture twice when it was taking the rats but I never got to see the cat. It stayed around my buddy's cabin for about 3 months and then vanished.

    Pretty little animals if you ask me.

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    Sometime this next year I'll try to get some shots of the pair that live up here. In the evenings when you are fishing the reservoir you can hear them back in the woods. Only seen them a handful of times, but they are awesome looking. Da Chick thought I was nuts until she saw one of them along her road one evening (she lives just down from the lake and woods).
  10. sure bobcats are native to ohio but so are moutain lions and bison and i don't see too many of those. glad to hear bobcats are making a comeback in ohio. sad to say I know of no sightings in nw ohio but there is a pair of mountain lions roaming around the michigan border. There was a sighting earlier this summer and then another last week. i would love to get a look at those....through my car window or with high powered binoculars of course.
  11. I used to hunt in Noble, County back in the late 70's. One evening while walking back to camp from my deer stand I heard a really weird screaming like sound. Talked about it in camp and one of the local men said it was a mountain lion. I didn't say anything but the next day on my way to the stand I came across the largest set of cat tracks I had ever seen. Spoke about it again that evening and admitted to the local guy that I doubted what he said until I saw the tracks. I'll say that there is no other sound that sent shivers up my spine like that cat scream that evening.
  12. My dad and I were coming back from fishing in Canada last year and saw what we thought was a mountain lion from the car. Do they live that far up north (an hour north of the border)? I assume they do, but I can't be sure that is what I saw.
  13. I bet there are pretty good numbers of both Bobcats and mountain lions in ohio. they are just in the deep woods and forrest were people dont get to often. And probably not numbers large enough to spot them often.
  14. Wow Shortdrift, I think I would have gone back to camp and changed my shorts if it heard that.
    I saw a bobcat in Kirtland, NE Ohio, back in the late '70's behind my parents place.
    We've got some black bears hanging around where I'm at now. A friend of mine almost nailed one with his truck while it was crossing the road. He called the State Patrol in Geauga County to report it. The dispatcher just said "Oh, we have a few in that area" and ended the call.
  15. Bobcat or housecat? And your final answer? And the answer's my cat/dude. He only gets out very rarely. -cat's should be kept inside to protect wildlife- I live next to a greenbelt and near a gun club. More reasons to keep him safe inside.

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  16. There is a very small population of large cats in Muskingum county, OH. I've never seen one, but that scream shortdrift mentions is familiar! :D We used to camp 2 weeks for the gun season in a very large (3 sq. miles) woods. This woods still holds a small population of wild boar - see the tracks every year.

    I've heard that crazy scream from the big cats - we all debated for several seasons if it were even possible, until 1 morning after a fresh snow. Large cat tracks had circled our camp :eek: I must admit I was one of the largest sceptics, but it is true.
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    I have seen big cat tracks near the mohican river but never actually seen the cat. We've seen them on many occasions. Never heard one scream either although that would be pretty cool.
  18. I trapped Muskrat, Mink and Coon as a kid in Noble County, Ohio....most sets were along the creek (Crick) but some I set along fence rows where high water had left a lot of brush and logs.

    One morning to my surprise I had a young Bobcat along a fence about one ticked off've never seen a wild animal till you face a Bobcat in a trap.

    Me and another guy got the thing in a burlap bag and put him in a rabbit cage, so I could show off what I'd caught. He was out of that cage in 10 seconds and never to be seen again.

    Also used to call in foxes at night to a carbide lite and heard the scream mentioned above........we decided to pack it in early that night.

    The miners that worked the strip mines at night used to tell me about seeing Bobcats on the haul roads....quite often.

    This was over 50 years ago, I'm sure there is a much bigger population of Bobcats in Ohio than most people realize.
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    When I lived in Kingsville, Texas, I used to be able to hunt on the King Ranch, and while on one hunting trip, I shot one with my 30-30 at about 45 yards. Down there they called them a Lynx. The one I shot looked just like the one at BPS.
  20. Lynxes and Bobcats are of the same family but with different territories (sp?). I would be surprised if it was an actual Lynx that was in Texas since they are a cold weather cat and are found in the VERY northern part of the US and the Rockies. More than likely it was a bobcat.