Bobby Back at IU

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by Hoosier Daddy, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. A guy can dream can't he.

    This would be a perfect fit on many levels.

    1. Bob can clean up the program. He has never had any NCAA troubles.

    2. Bob can still take a pretty good team this year and perhaps take them far in the tourney.

    3. Media frenzy gets tons of publicity for the university

    4. He is available

    5. IU could finally perhaps bury the bitter feelings from his firing.

    I have been told I am crazy already so save those posts. Reasons I have been told it will not happen.

    1. Bob is bitter at IU for firing. I personally think he wouldlike nothing more than to come back to shove it in the faces of those who fired him.

    2. Bob retired because he really doesn't want to coach anymore.

    3. Fans would be to divided over his rehiring

    4. They bolted down all the chairs in Bloomington

    I know it won't happen, but I think it would be great and awesome to watch. Especially if it worked out.

    Likely scenario in Dan Dakich taking the interim helm. I wouldn't mind that either. He is a good coach and a Knight disciple. My cousin attended many of his camps at BG an said he was a great man and great motivator. Maybe he could even keep the job.

    I was wary of Sampson from th start, but took a wait and see approach. It is a shame he is a cheat, because he seems to be a good coach. They play good D and rebound. BYE BYE Kelvin.
  2. Someone needs to snatch him up. Since I graduated from the same high school as Bobby Knight, I would say I am a huge Knight fanatic.