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  1. We were out on the Longwall over the weekend. We were throwing spoons and spinners. We got the big :S . The water was deep and there were some hookups on bobbers. I couldn't tell if the bobber guys were slip bobbering or they were fishing 3-5 feet down? What do you guys recommend for a jig-n-maggot bobber setup in the deep water? Slip or fixed float? I figured we just weren't staying in the zone with our hardware. Thanks for any info.
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    Steelhead on the feed will feed up in the water column when staging for a fall run. They stay deeper in open water. 3 to 5 feet is about as deep as you need.

  3. Thanks Wannab! I usually smack them in the rivers. Appreciate the feedback.
  4. I usually fish 4-6 feet down in the lake. I've seen some guys use bobber stoppers with slips, but the majority don't.