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  1. Hey Bob -- Your inbox is full! Want to hit Erie with me on Sunday? PM me with your cell#.

  2. EE


    if your call to Bob doesn't pan out, you're welcome to come out on my boat. Ying, my son and I are heading out nice and early on Sunday and there's room on the boat for 4 of us to fish comfortably. I'll P.M. my cell.

  3. Sorry Terry, I didn't see your message until today, but thanks for the offer. I had no idea about my pm inbox. At least I can fish better than I compute!! I left for Turtle Creek early Friday and got back Sunday afternoon. I took my old COFC tourny partner (big steve) and we had a blast. We each took tickets all 3 days. We fished mostly around Locust, but ventured out to Cone on Sunday. The bite was fast and furious for the 1st hour each morning and you had to hunt and peck away after that.

    Hetfest was awesome. We fished alot, ate alot and drank alot. I met a bunch of great people from this site. I just wish I lived about an hour closer to the big lake. Lodging and fuel prices make it tough to get up there often from Columbus.

    PM inbox is now purged so fire away!
  4. No problemo. I took EE up on his offer and fished w/him, his son Evan, and Ying6. At 8:30am we stopped 2 fish short of our limit and switched to trolling for hawgs. When that didn't pan out we went back to the reefs and jigged up our last 2 walleye in like 5 mins. Ying6 had big fish of the day with a 26" male piglet.

    Been wanting to try that hetfest. By the time I get up there it'll be bigger than
  5. Hey Terry glad to see the 3 amigos together again!! Been along time since the three of you could hook up!! Would have liked to had a mic on the boat to hear the fun!!:p Wanted to get tup ther had 2 chances myself but to much on the home front. Glad to hear mike can at least hook some walleyes must be different then them saugeyes!!;) Just kidding Mike calm down!! Had to fire one over the bow at somebody since i was home pouting all weekend.
  6. EE's son is now trash talkin like a pro. I think ying & I might be a bad influence...heehee