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  1. Me and my buddy have been looking for any kind of boat. a small jon boat to take on the GMR would be amazing. I was wondering if anyone had one or knew of anyone that was looking to sell. like i said if it floats and holds 2 guys then ill take it. i live in Franklin so just pm me or leave me a message thanks Fellow anglers!
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    check craigslist there were a couple canoes and jon boats on there

  3. There are always some on craigslist, I always check the Cincinnati listings and the Dayton listings and you will usually find something. You can always do a search in the For sale section here on OGF as well.
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    Flathead King 06

    I may have one for sale depending on if the deal for my new one goes good... Its an older 12' fiberglass flat bottom jon... ifts in the back of a pickup, we haul it around in a ford ranger... very stable in the water... needs to be sanded down and re-finished and also licensed




  5. Keep my posted on the deal with ur new boat. Like i said anything stable will do, getting it liscenses will not be a problem. just keep me posted thanks everyone! now im going catch all your smallys this season