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  1. I was trying to find the thread that talked about operating small boats after dark and I couldn't find it but I did find some interesting information.

    If operating a boat less than 10 HP a boater's education class is not required.

    Here is where I am confused:

    It appears that boats under 16' are not permitted to be operated after dark.

    Also, anybody aboard boats under 16' must wear PFDs at all times.

    Am I reading this wrong, or is this the way its supposed to be?!?!?
  2. What is the difference between

    PWCs less than 16'


    Less than 16' in length (Class A)


    On the website linked above there is two different categories. Maybe this is leading to my confusion.

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  4. Good Detective Work.......Thanks a lot!
  5. As for the PFD, it's anyone under 10 years old in a vessel under 18', at all times.