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  1. Figured i would post this and get feedback from all of you. If i wastaking my boat out tomorow( obviously not going to be out for a few more weeks) what would i need on my boat for a good trip out. Here is what i plan to have, and please suggest other things.

    Anchor and line
    Safety gear( vests, flag,flares,radio,first aid kit)
    GPS/Fish finder
    Boat radio-ship to shore
    Proper boat lights on bow and stern
    Various tackle
    Cooler for all the 'eyes
    boat paperwork(tags,license ect.)
    Rod holders

    anything i'm forgetting?


    are the battery's fully charged? gas tank or tanks full? tire pressure's? spare tire?

  3. Hook N Book

    Hook N Book The Original Hot Rod Staff Member

    Fresh water (bottled).
    Dry change of clothing.
    Small tool set.
    Pocket knife.
    If you have an I/O...outdrive oil. (this ones personal) :D
  4. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    never leave home without this.



  6. ezbite

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    i always carry a spare hand held ship to shore and spare batterys for it.

    im kinda of into overkill and i ALWAYS carry xtra fuel and 2 stroke oil. i also carry a pretty good size tool kit for any repair needed. i have a large 50 cal ammo can thay has everything from fuses to spare clamps, SS screws, zip ties, duct tape, sand paper, crazy glue, spare fuel filters, xtra set of gapped plugs for both motors, well you get it. anything, i mean anything that i can think of that might go wrong i carry parts to fix. i even carry spare fuel pump(main) and fuel line for the motors and wires, you never know and cant pull over 20 miles out to pick it up:p

    i figure if you have room for it, take it.
  7. fishingguy

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    A horn, you must have a working horn.
  8. KaGee

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    One thing you can always bet on... If you need it, you won't have it.
  9. a good dash mounted compass that is calibrated.. and this year I am going to be taking one of those jump starting power stations.. (because I only have one battery) .. and I always take one of those clickers to count the fish when they go in the cooler.. as Het said when we were out "click it or ticket"..
  10. :confused: You guys are forgetting the most important, Make sure the plug is reinstalled. It wouldn't even hurt to have an extra. You never know when that jerk in some parking lot will steal it. Plus I'm sure I not the only one thats forgot to put it in once or twice.:D
  11. Hook N Book

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    That's what that thingy is hanging around Misfits neck. He speaks from experience too...! :D
    Having an extra is good though...I carry two. ;)
  12. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    based on that experience,i always had 3 more in the boat besides my bling:D
  13. eyesman_01

    eyesman_01 getting wEYESer every day

    I don't have one of them in that good of working condition. Can I borrow yours?
  14. Fishers of Men

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    I am thinking about having a all girl crew this year. Think it will work? The guys can just fish.
  15. snake69

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    There won't be much fishin' be done if they look like that one, especially if she's "pullin' anchor"!!
  16. DO NOT FORGET RAIN GEAR. SOME POO POO PAPER..YOU NEVER KNOW:D ..BAIT..... and dont not forget to let someone know when your going out and when you will be back.. oh yea CELL PHONE
  17. i may have missed it...FIRE EXTIGUISHER!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. First aid kit, plenty of clean rags, and jumper cables.