Boater gets into fight on film

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Agent47, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. Agent47

    Agent47 Trying to pull it in!!!!

  2. ezbite

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    wonder if the one guy was drinking...duh!!

  3. Probably fighting over a nowake zone:D
  4. Eriesteamer

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    Seems theres more then a few in picture thus gives me idea that it was something to do with boat at dock.maybe the guy forgot put in the drain plug and other guy was riding him on how stupid he was to lunch with out drain plug in.thats my end what heck it be about.well each to his own
  5. dumbest thing ive ever seen
  6. I don't think that guy that jumped got the better end of it - as the title suggests! I saw him eatin alot of rubber and looked like a nice header when he jumped outta his boat!!!
  7. I agree, All the dude in the small boat had to do was get a little water out of his boat and dry his clothes, The guy that jumped has to have some good swelling if not from the multiple boots to the face than from his lemming like leap into the side of the boat.
  8. That was great. Wish they spoke English so that we could hear what they were really beefin' about.

  9. Probably about how close the guy was trolling to him.......or how the one guy was trying to duck hunt and the other guy was trying to fish........

  10. Toxic

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    HAHAHA LMAO,.....that was wrong! :D
  11. Eriesteamer

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    Maybe the others was mad at him bailing his boat in there favorite swimming the other 2 guys seam like they like to swim.but the boats blocking there dive area.way the guy dove in looked as if that be it.LOL