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  1. Just Wondering If Any Members Could Ideas As To What Kind Of Boat Wax To Use. I Have An Older Fiberglass Hull Boat The Colors Are Somewhat Faded And I'd Like To Try And Bring Them Out Again And Get A Good Coat Of Wax On The Hull Before The Season Starts:B
  2. forget the wax!!! it wont bring back the faded paint...i used wonders! do a search here to bring up my old much info to repeat it me if you need help...

  3. Thanks Wavewarrior Stuff Sounds Mitey Awesome I'm Ordering Some Now:D
  4. I checked out the poliglow website. Seems a lot like the old Blue Corals "touchless" similar product and same way to apply. That stuff was great on my old painted aluminum boat. Of course they discontinued it like most good things.
    Pricey but I'm sure that will do the job.
  5. Hey that poliglow looks impressive. Might have to give it a whirl...
  6. trust me when i say this works!!! took my "pink/grey" boat back to "red/black"!! lots of prep work but well worth the effort and price and it lasts!!! anyone wanting pointers on this feel free to pm me!!
  7. I helped wave on his boat and I was really impressed! It's not magic but well worth the effort.
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    After you get you color back with the above mentioned product.. Get some Meguires flagship marine wax and give it a good coat. Then apply bassboat saver evertime you take the boat out of the water. The bassboat saver has a U.V. protectant to help keeep it from fading. The bass boat saver is a spray and wipe product.
  9. waxing over poliglow is a no no and never needed!!! just wash and dry...NEVER WAX AGAIN!!!
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    Has anybody used the the 3M restorer? I heard it work well
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    Wonderfoam and Restore by
  12. I used the 3M. It eliminated some of the fading but not all of it. I suppose if I would have did the process 2-3 times it may have been better. Like I said it improved the look but not something I would jump up and down about. My boat was severely faded and cloudy. I would thinnk this product would work well on a moderatley faded fiberglass hull. The impressive thing is that the reults lasted all season.
  13. i've never tried to restore the finish on a fiberglass boat before but i do know there is a chemical available at sherwin williams called penetrol.its 9.99 a of the listed benefits on the back of the can is-restores color to fiberglass boats.use at 100% do not dilute.clean surface,apply with rag,buff after 5 minutes. I have a can of this. I also have an 21ft 1984 Renken sinking behind my garage. I will give it a whirl and let you know how it worked.I'm guessing at 9.99 a quart it is probably a better value than the polyglow...if it indeed works.
  14. Wet sand and clear coat is my choice. Do it once and forget it, you'll wonder why you polished that darn boat for so many years.
  15. poliglow basicaly IS a clearcoat!!! i tried EVERTHING before and nothing came close...if someone finds a better product let me now!!! i dont think you will though...havent even washed my boat in a while and it looks like i was just painted!...june will be a year since it was poliglowed!