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  1. Anybody have an idea what a 1981 Stamas 26ft. hardtop with 260 orig.hrs. would be worth? It has a Merc. 260 (I/O) and sits on a Ez loader trailer. It's been in a barn for 12 years and is filthy, but under the dirt it looks great. It has a big cabin with frig. and stove. I have not heard it run yet but was told it will start up fine, just needs to be tuned up and everything checked out. I'm sure it will need some things but man what a fishen machine it would be. anybody have any Idea on $$$$.
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    NADA value for a 1981 stamas 26 ft hardtop is about $7500.00 thats just an average, i didnt input any xtras.

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    Be careful ? Sitting around that long can have big issues ? Stuck valves,dried out valve seals,stuck rings corrioson and other isues with the engine. That is just motor issues. Unless seller is standing behind motor issues I wouln't pay more than 2,500-4,500 for the whole rig. Plus I think it might be good to have a mechainc or a marine surveror go over it ?? A rebuilt motor installed will cost you min of 2,000 ? Good luck !
  4. it is probably a good project boat,,but maybe more trouble than it is worth,the out drive I am sure most of the boots and rubber will need replaced,,check the fuel tanks for leaks and corrosion,rot in stringers, trailer tires and bearings.Good luck
  5. Def pay to have a professional survey done. Stringers and transome if bad will run 7-10 k!
  6. OK you asked, pappascott hit it 100% , pay a surveyor to go check the boat over, HELL find things you;d have ever though of , he;ll come right to the boat . do IT best money you ever spent.
  7. OK you asked, pappascott hit it 100% , pay a surveyor to go check the boat over, HELL find things you;d have ever though of , he;ll come right to the boat . do IT best money you ever spent. this just mite be a diamond in the ruff , it happens ,
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    Stamas built a nice boat. Provided the boat has been covered and dry for those 12 years, it could be a great boat. If it was abused in the years before storage, it could be a bad boat.

    Some things to consider- all lower unit boots (gimbal, shift, exhaust) will most likely be dry-rotted from ozone exposure. Plus, since they've been in one position for 12 years they'll be stiff if not hard. They'll fail quickly and should be replaced. Every hose and belt on the engine should be replaced. A thorough re-awakening procedure should be done on the engine before attempting to start it. Remove the plugs and spray some oil in the cylinders and turn the engine over by hand with the plugs out. That will coat the cylinder walls and protect them from a dry start.
    You'll have issues with fuel system components from condensation and inactivity. Carb will most likely need to be cleaned and rebuilt. Fuel tank will need to be drained if it has old fuel in it.
    The hull itself should be fine if it had no issues prior to storage. Fiberglass will live a long time when stored away from UV rays and the elements.
    Trailer will need tires and brake components due to inactivity. I'd be certain the brake actuator/wheel cylinders etc will be rusted. Brake fluid absorbs water.
    Lower unit should be removed, gimbal bearing checked and alignment should be checked. Some engine mount settling may have occurred over the years. L/U fluid should be replaced at the very least.
    It's a long list of "shoulds" and can get very expensive if you have to have someone do it for you. You can do a lot of it yourself if you are capable and save a bunch of money and wind up with a nice ride in the process. That's the kind of project boat I would like to find and restore. Old Stamas boats are great rides and the hull should last indefinitely if cared for.

    Good luck- the surveyor is a good idea but on a boat of this "cost" it's arguable. If it were $50,000 or so yes, I'd demand a survey.