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Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fishintechnician, Sep 20, 2007.

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    i've been having trouble getting my boat to start. it's a 40 hp force (made by merc). the problem i'm having is that when i go to start it, it seems like it's not getting enough juice. i put a brand new batterie in it and still didn't help. when you turn the ignition if you hold it sometimes it will fire up after about 5 sec. i just can't figure it out. also my fish finder, it's a hummignbird not sure what type but it reads depht and bottom contour just fine but it will not pick up fish. i thought it was something in the menu or settings but couldn't get it any advice would be great. i'm really hopeing to get it fixed so i can get out a few more times before i have to put it up for the winter.
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    If your moter is acting like its not getting enough gas. I had this problem a couple of weeks ago. Tried and tried to get it to start but nothing, so I took it to a shop. They had to replace a pin in the carb, which was restricting gas flow b/c it was stuck. Hope this helps.

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    your starter may be shot. check to see if it or the wires to it get hot after you try to crank it.
  4. Check all of your electrical connections & clean them, especially the grounds. Check the voltage at the starter when you hit the key ...... if it's pulling 12 volts or more, it's probably the starter. Burnt up a battery last year with a similar problem. If it is bad, take it to NAPA and have them rebuild it, it's about 1/4 the cost of a new one.
    Let us know what you find,
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    thanks guys i'll give it a shot this weekend. if i take the starter to napa can they check it to see if it's bad . i don't have a voltage meter. thanks again.
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    yes , and even advance auto parts can check it.
  7. If it is turning weak when you turn the key and you already replaced the battery then it's most likely the starter motor. It could be your solenoid but I doubt it. You can get starter motors just about anywhere, junkyard is probably the cheapest bet.
  8. My guess, as was posted here, is a dirty connection. It might also be the starter as was also suggested.

    But a dirty connection (especially ground) will do weird things that seem to be some thing else. And it's easy to check. Get yourself a "plumbers brush" (available at almost any hardware, Wal-Mart) and go to it on ALL connections. And the battery terminals-clamps! (all it is is a little wire brush with a handle)

    Good luck!