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Boat transport???

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by exexec, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. Anyone know of a good company to bring a boat to Akron, Oh from Staten Island, NY? Or any other ideas are appreciated-it is a 21 ft walkaround, on a trailer. I may drive up and pull it back but if I cannot I'm looking for options.
  2. we might be able to work out a deal me and a few others from the site will go get it we just need to use it every other week end lol :D naw sorry none come to mind

  3. How Much You Willing To Pay?
  4. I would be willing to pay the going rate for any good company!
  5. LakeRaider

    LakeRaider EEEEEK!

    Just brought one to Cincy from New Yawk. I got qoutes from 3 companys. $950, $900 abd $750. I picked it up myself. I can tell you this, the roads in Ohio are alot nicer than Pa. and New Yawk! New Yawk has got some nerve charging to drive on there toll roads! :mad: You never see a cop cause they don,t want to drive on that crap either!! I-90 ought to be condemned, BOTH directions! I have a number for a local guy that will do the deed but its expensive. PM me if you want it. The price quotes I got were from Rochestor to Cincinnati. Almost 2 bucks a mile. Thats highway robbery!. Raider<><>
  6. I;ll Do It For 600$
  7. I didn't have any idea what the cost might be. I was probably going to do it myself but if the cost was low enough I would consider hiring a pro.
  8. johnboy111711

    johnboy111711 SOLID MEAT

    if ya need a driving partner, let me know
  9. bttmline

    bttmline E.B.C.C. Founder

    i know a guy in indianna who does this for a living. he told me the going rate is about $1.40 a mile.
  10. it's 447 miles one way, plus tolls. At $1.40 per mile (one way) it's around $625.80. When they go back it's still 447 miles to return home.

    gas $2.00 a gallon here, NY about $2.50, PA around $2.15, depends on the wind.

    SUV, PICK-UP, 12 miles per gallon, = about 75 gallon X $2.00 = $150.00. Plus tolls, food, stopping at Bass Pro, etc.

    Take a buddy and go get it yourself, about 16 hours (driving) round trip. Plus, if you bought unseen, you might want to see what your getting.

    Speeding tickets are extra
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