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  1. thinking about get a small trailer for my jonboat. harbor freight tools has a trailer kit. you put the trailer together yourself. with no welding. anyone have one of these?
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    Had one for my 12'er a few years back. Pretty good trailer for the $$. Try doing a search, someone just asked about this trailer a few weeks back.

  3. I ordered the Harbor Freight trailer several weeks ago. The trailer comes in 3 boxes, but only two of the three showed up. I called customer service and they said it just got delayed at FedEx and it would be there in a day or two. Still no box. VERY long story short, after 6 more times of calling customer service and having 6 different people (including a manager!!!) tell me that they would personally make sure to send a replacement box because the other one got lost and to wait 5-7 days, I found out that it had never actually been sent, and a trace had never been put on the missing package. So now it is a month after the first two boxes have arrived and I finally just had to cancel the order. So now I have to ship these huge pieces back and won't get my refund until the third box is found, except that that was the problem to begin with!!! I am so furious. I can overlook 1 person not doing their job, but to have 6 different people, including a manager, blow me off tells me that the company has trained them to say these things and just doesn't care. Buyer Beware!
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    Strange you would get that kind of service, isn't harbor freight renowned for there quality tools?....Oh wait.