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  1. I got a boat for free with no title . I know it is not stolen but I dont know how to aquire a title . Any info on this?
  2. call the watercraft office and give them the OH numbers and they can do a search of its history and issue a new title, as long as the previous owner signs the boat over to you on a piece of paper representing a bill of sale.

  3. what if the guy i got it from never had a title?
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    does the boat require a title(14 foot or more)?
  5. Whats the length? If its under 14' all you need is bill of sale. Take that and the hull id number or serial number to the ohio water craft and they will give you a registration. The more chain of custody that you have the easier it will be. Do you know the last time it was registered if at all? Try to show paperwork from the last registered owner to you. If its a small boat you shouldn't have much problems. Worst case take the boat it's self with you when you go and bring a bill of sale. They will come out to the boat and look for signs of a serial number.
  6. the boat is 15 feet long
  7. First your going to have to decide if your free boat is going to be worth all the hashle your going to go through to get it titled. If you decide that it is you'll need to find the serial number of the boat. This is usually on a plate rivited somewhere by the transom. Hopefully the boat was titled at some point and you can track the title down. Its going to take a lot af research and time but it may be possible. If you can find out when and were it was last titled you my be able to get in touch with the original owner and get them to sign it over to you. If not then your basically stuck with a boat you cant use. Go back and measure the boat again maybe its 13'11" after all:D