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  1. I have an old 14' 1968 alluminum boat I bought a few months ago. It took alot of water (couple gallons) in about 5 hrs from when I started using it. I did some JB weld work on some areas around where the overlap near the rivits was bad. Still taking water, not as much, but maybe 2-3 gallons yesterday in 3 1/2 hrs, but from where??? It may be coming in where those strips run 1/2 the length of the boat underneath. Need to take another look when dry. Any advice, maybe a sealer paint? I didn't know what I was looking at when I bought it, but I'm stuck and trying to make the best of it. Any help would be appreciated. Would getting some of that foam called great stuff inside those strips be a bad idea?
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  2. Fill your boat with water and watch for the leak. After finding your leak, reapply your JB Weld.

  3. You can go to a boat store and purchase a product called Gluvet It is a 2 part epoxy. You paint it on with a brush, works great. Now the bad part $45 for a quart.
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    if weight would no0t be an isssue then a spray on bedliner would also work well.
  5. Inspect very very closely.
    If filling with water, be careful, because you are talking tons of weight.
  6. Very true....1 gal. of water is 8-9 lbs. But, so long as you know the leak is on the bottom, you shouldn't have to put much water in it. Excercise caution...
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    I second the truck bedliner spray on. I watched it on a segment of BASS TECH where they did it while remodeling a jon boat. It looks awesome and will be completely waterproof for life.
  8. Thanks for some ideas, I'll let you know what i do to keep it floating.

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    Second the Gluvit Product...(get it at West Marine) expensive but it works...sealed all of our Canada boats (which get abused) with it and on third season with no leaks!! Worth the price!!!