Boat Storage Needed (Erie) for LARGE boat!

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by ShakeDown, Jun 1, 2005.

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    A co-worker of mine is in somewhat of a bind. Her father has a 44 footer that needs storage, and he is in Afghanistan currently doing his duty. She is trying to find him storage/transport for this boat, and I told her I would post this for her:

    The boat is a 1967 44' Pacemaker flush deck w/ fly bridge motor yacht. The beam is 14'3" and from ground to top we're looking at 17/18 feet. We can give a foot or so because we can move the fly bridge. My dad would like a unit that is 50x18x20 with a door that is at least 19x15/16. Electricity is a must, at least 110V and heat is a must too, gas or electric doesn't matter. Water would be nice, but we can carry it in. My dad is up for purchasing a condo, because he can always resell it.

    Please remember that the boat id 17/18 foot high, so distance is an issue. It may not pass under viaducts and power lines. The boat is off of St. Rt. 163 in Marblehead. We are looking for a mover that has a hydraulic trailer, I think this may be the only was it can be moved.

    Anyone have suggestions for her? It's greatly appreciated!
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    Check out Midway marina located on Catawba island (Rt. 53). They definately can handle the size, not to sure about the heated requirement though. Also, there is another place just down the road which is heated that can also most probably handle the size. It's located 1 mile south of Rt. 53 on Rt. 163 going towards Pt. Clinton. I'll get the info and post back here later.

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    Thanks a ton HNB. I'll give her what you gave me so far. If you can get the info on the other place, that would be sweet too.

    Thanks man!