Boat Speed Question

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by dblbrldave, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. Looking to upgrade motor size from 9.8 to about 25hp on a 14.5' deep vee.
    I get about 11.5mph gps with 9.8. Boat weighs about 600lbs loaded.
    Any one have a similar boat with a 25?
    Wondering what kind of speed you get?

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    i think 25 mph would be expected and possibly 30mph . i had a 16 w/a 25 and and got 22 would make a difference too if you have a wood floor and livewells and storage lockers on the boat . my 16 hull was a bare bones utility hull.

  3. had a 9.9 on my 16 ft. smokercraft big fisherman (460 dry). Went about 12 mph with the 9.9, loaded. Upgraded to a 40 hp, Getting about 29 mph as of now, hope this gives you a little reference. Speed is by GPS.
  4. I have a starcraft 14ft deep v with a 25 evinrude. Fully loaded with 2 guys I get up to 21.5 mph by gps.