Boat show In dayton

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  1. Has any one went to the boat show in dayton. I have never been do they just have boats? any one know if they just sale parts for boats. any info would be great. went to the web site but didnt have much on there.
  2. I have attended the show in '06 & '07, but don't know if I am going this year. It is primarily boats, with a few other displays included (some guides & others). It isn't a very big show, I usually go because I'm friends with one of the boat dealers.


  3. Fletch

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    Went there on Friday evening and they closed around 6PM.
    I drove about 60 miles to go to this show.
    NOT cool.
  4. bummer fletch, that is not cool, but that is Dayton. Like supersize, i am friends with a dealer so I go, hang out and chat a bit and look around. After this year I doubt I will go back, nothing but boats.

    I would rather make the drive to Indy and spend more time looking at fishing equipment and maybe getting some deals on things. And the dealer has a booth there too!
  5. Fletch

    Fletch FishOn

    I convinced myself to NOT go to the Cincy show. 1st time I haven't went in..... not sure how many years.
    So then I break down and decide to go to the Dayton show - and they close early lol. I ended up going the next day - they gave me a free pass.
    I'll either go to the Cincy show or Indy show next time.

    The boat dealers depressed the heck out of me.
    When I talk trade, they say "the used boat market is really bad this year".

    I'm sorry but I'm not giving my boat away for nothing.
    I mean c'mon, how many times does the average guy use a boat?
    And they want $35K for a 19 foot boat? :mad:
    It isn't like you are buying a truck or car that you use almost every day.
    Hint to the boat dealers - THE ECONOMY IS BAD.
    Your gonna get :S