Boat seats embroidered & recovered

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Toxic, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. Toxic

    Toxic Defensor Fortis

    I finally got mt seat covers back from them embroiderer's & re upholsterers shop. Now only if the weather cooperates, I may get to try them out this season. My total cost was 120.00 to have both the embroidery work, and the recovering job. The picture is of the backs of the top part of both seats.

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  2. those are bad a$$ seats right there, here soon there is going to be a section for Trick My Boat.
  3. mrphish42

    mrphish42 locators dont lie

    Those are cool.......well done.........I like the thing....anybody fishes close enough to you, to read those seat backs, should get the massage and give you a BUFFER ZONE.........Good fishin this season..........Jon Sr. PS. mostly like those "drift jumpers" at to love em.........
  4. Nice! Where were they done at?
  5. ezbite

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    humm, trophy boat seat covers....i think i know a place those will fit.:p

    guess i wont have too hard of a time knowing whos boat im looking at when i see the biohazard symbol now.
  6. Toxic

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    Dale Fuller. He has a shop in Liberty close to where the Denny's Rest. by Rt 80
  7. Toxic

    Toxic Defensor Fortis

    Tom, last year I also had him make me some seat cushions to fit over the port & starboard steps. They make nice jump seats.
  8. Very sharp!!! They do nice work....
  9. ncraft150

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    Do you have a website or contact number for them. I need my seat backs redone and that price is amazing.
  10. Toxic

    Toxic Defensor Fortis

    I sent you a PM with the info.........
  11. ShakeDown

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    Yeah those look SICK! Wow, has my mind workin...hehehe