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  1. I got a book from the Coast Guard and looked up the website on boating safety,but i'm not sure what all equipment I need to take it to Lake Erie. I have a 16' aluminum boat.

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    The web site Het gave you has the info,and make sure the flares are not expired when you buy them.I've seen a few places that had out-dated flares on the shelf.
  3. lets make sure i understand everything ok I have pfds, anchor and rope, fire extinguisher, lights ,and a whistle. I need three flares yet. The motor is an 9.9 out board so I don't think I have a problem with spark arestors or ventalation. Am I missing anything.
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    do you have the type IV throwable?
  5. no do you need both a throwable and the kind you wear
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    You need a wearable for each person in the boat, and at least one throwable aboard the vessel.
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    although it is not a requirement, it IS a very good idea to have a marine radio and compass also. especially, if you plan on boating on erie.
  8. Thanks everone for the help. All Ineed now is some good weather and a hot tip on some nearshoer pearc.
  9. Give Catawba Launch a try. Not a bad way to start on Lake Erie. About a mile or two and you will be in perch territory. If the winds kick up, not too far to get back to. Marblehead is another good spot. Mazuricks ramp area will be producing perch with this temp drop. Be Safe, Mike