Boat registration, numbers, sticker question

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  1. Guys,

    What all do I need to have on the side of my boat to be legal? I know my numbers, but do I need another sticker next to them aswell? What do I need to carry with me?

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    Go to the local BMV and check for free info. Or go online to Ohio Board of Motor Vehicles. There are a few quide lines as how far apart the letters and license should be. I've seen some put on wrong. It might be a reason to get stopped by DNR if there wrong.

  3. Thanks guys....reason I asked is i have seen several bass boats out on the lakes that dont have those orange stickers on the side of thier boats by the numbers
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    Every boat has to have them .They may not all be Orange, all depends what year they bought them
  5. Also, your boat numbers have to be a major contrast to your boat color. I was checked at West Branch this Spring, nice guy, we talked for 30 minutes. I then asked him to do a Safety Check, no problem. I got home and read the report and he checked the column and stated my numbers did not contrast enough. Oh well, they did the other 5 checks over the last 8 years, he never said a word to me about it. I had heard this was now a common practice. My numbers were steel gray on dark blue Lund color.

  6. Unless they were new boats. You have 45 days after purchasing a new boat to get the registration and numbers on it. Until then, your bill of sale will do.
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    I have been checked on and off the water on Lake Erie in my bassboat. Everytime they have told me I need to put the registration numbers above the rub rail so they can see them easier. Never had any problems on Inland Lakes. I'm not moving them, they are were everyone else puts them. I just wont get that pretty little safety check sticker :)