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The ODNR has made boat registration even easier. Here's the article that explains it. A big thanks to Gander for assisting with this project!

Ohio Boat Registration news

More Registration Locations for Ohio Boaters
The Division of Watercraft has partnered with Gander Mountain, an outdoor recreation store, to make the process of registering a boat more available to you. Nine Gander Mountain stores in Ohio now sell boat registrations:

Huber Heights
According to Michael Quinn, the acting chief of the Division of Watercraft, "Our combined efforts with Gander Mountain to provide boater education programs and registration services across Ohio represent a continued commitment to serving Ohio boaters."

These Gander Mountain stores are added to a current list of nearly 300 agents (businesses, BMVs, some title offices, and marine dealers) around the state who sell boat registrations. We welcome them to the family and appreciate all of our agents' willingness to help us serve the boating public. A list of current agents is found on our web site (see Related Links).

You can also sign up for the Ohio Boat Education Courses offered at Gander Mountain.

More Watercraft Field Offices Selling New Alternative Registrations
New Alternative Registrations can now be issued from Division of Watercraft field offices in Akron, Springfield and East Fork for unnumbered boats or boats switching from the traditional registration.

The Alternative Registration for Hand-powered Vessels is available only to boats that will never have a motor added. The alternative decal is a single decal that includes the OH numbers in the display (as opposed to the two sets of OH numbers and decals required for a traditional registration). In the past, the division's Columbus Headquarters was the only site that could issue these registrations.

Renewing alternative registrations must still come through the Columbus office. The division is taking steps to further expand the availability of alternative registrations in 2008.
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