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  1. i have a 1964 starcraft alum 16ft. put the ice fishing gear away last week and started to go over the boat to get ready. noticed that the transome was much softer than it was last summer, and im gonna replace it. already got it pulled out and ready to put the new wood in. but im not sure what type of wood to use. ( old transome was plywood) have heard to use treated, and also heard to use marine grade. has any one done this b4? what has worked for u? any pionters would be appreciated!
    ps: this is my first post have ben reading for a while and liked how helpful everyone is and decided to join!
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    If original was plywood, should replace with same. Several posts have noted treated wood will deteriorate aluminum. Marine grade plywood with several coats of exterior polyurethane probably best.

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    exterior grade plywood will work too. just seal it with epoxy b4 installing and it will last another 30 years.
  4. Better get that boat fixed Greeze, I'm ready to get out of my house, and mine isnt runnin to well. Should of bought a new boat instead of a new truck! Call me if you want some help on sunday.