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  1. This may sound like a hairbrained idea but hear me out. I have a 14' aluminum boat that i plan on converting into a jet boat. I want to put a flat deck in it two chairs front and rear and rig up a live well. I want to power this with a jet ski motor and pump to avoid bangin a prop on rocks, stumps, etc. My question is how much horsepower will i need to get the boat to plane out with all the extra added weight. A friend of mine has a 14' aluminum with a 3/4" plywood deck, livewell, two trolling motor batteries, anchor and all the stuff you would normally take fishing, powered by a 25 hp evinrude outboard. I had this boat up to 19 mph on the gps, but it just didn't have the power to plane out. Now, with this in mind I have a 440cc kawasaki jet ski engine that i plan on mounting midship, live well just in front of that, fuel tank in the front, batteries in the back. With the engine putting out 43 hp (i think), and jet drives being less efficient than props (i'm pretty sure), will this be enough to get the boat on plane?
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    i don't really have a clue what you could expect from it performance wise.but it soumds like a lot of work to put into a small fishing boat.mounting amidships is surely going to require extensive hull work,as well as steering,etc.
    but it does sound like an iteresting project.
    makes me wonder if you haven't been watching too much jesse james on tv or reading too much lakeraider on OGF:D