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Boat Paint...

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by TIGHTLINER, Apr 14, 2004.

  1. A good buddy of mine, bought me some custom TIGHTLINER decals for my boat. I have a small 12 ft Aluminum v-bottom boat. Since he got me the decals, and I have to get new OH stickers this year I figured that I might as well, paint the whole boat before I put on the decals and the new oh stickers on it. What kind of paint should I use? How should I go about doing this? I'm looking to paint the outside of the boat some type of battleship gray and the inside a lighter shade of blue to match the carpet that I have on my boat. Should I prime it first? Should I paint it with a brush? Should I use spray paint? If so what kind? How many coats? How much paint do you think it will take? Thanks in advance!

  2. It really depends on how important it it to you. Yes, you "should" prime it with zinc chromate primer, after being stripped to bare metal. I'll warn you up front though, it's a lot of work. If you can get a sprayer, I think you'll have a nicer job and use less paint. I just used a Wagner and it worked fine. For my 18' jon boat, I used 2 quarts, though I honestly needed another. I'm sure 2 quarts will be more than you'll need, but get extra to be safe. I bought factory paint from a Fisher boats dealer. It was the only place I could find the olive drab color I wanted. It's very good paint, but a bit on the expensive side for me at around $35-$40 per quart for a boat I just bang off trees and docks. :rolleyes: I've read of a lot of people using Rustoleum and they say it lasts just fine. Another very good board to look through is Use the search function and look through the project boat forum. There's tons of good info in there.