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  1. Just put a deposit on a 2002 Blazer 210 Pro V bass boat with a Yamaha
    250hp VMAX. Got it for a good price and wanted anyones knowledge of these boats before I finalize. Please be as candid as possible.
    Boat is 100% composite construction and reported to run at 83mph GPS. Also has the dual wireless black light system for night fishing. Appreciate all input. Thanks !!

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  2. fishingguy

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    83 mph!!! Wow, way to fast for me. My boat does 45, and only when it's dead calm, and only for about a minute. Don't know about your boat, but looks great! Be careful! Have fun!

  3. freyedknot

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    you better call lakeraider for a co pilot....83 is real fast even on the freeway.
  4. 83mph?????????? thats about 15min to cross lake erie??? sounds like a nice boat . just my .02cents worth .I:D take it to a marine dealer ,have it gone over ,motor checked , might cost you a couple bucks ,BUT might save you thousands,
  5. Champion188 Elite

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  6. With that kind of speed, make sure the brakes work.
  7. ncraft150

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    I know they are fast boats. Ive heard nothing but good about them. It will probably take some seat time to learn to drive that thing that fast though. Definatly check out the link above. The guys on that site are great and will help you out a ton.
  8. 83 mph is WAY overkill and unnecessary. Also, if you are fishing Erie, I would really question purchasing a bass boat. When it is flat calm, yeah, they are nice, but you get anything other than ideal weather they are miserable. I don't know if you take wife and kids along or go by yourself with friends.


  9. I appreciate the advise KI Jim and agree with it. I have a 25' Baha Fisherman I use for Lake Erie. Just want to do more bass fishing this year and the boat is very appealing for that.

    Also agree that 83 mph is overkill and doubt I'll be running at those speeds.
    Well, maybe once in awhile! ;)

    Appreciate all the information folks! Was very helpful!!
  10. Nice boat! There's only a few lakes here in ohio that you could really open up on with it though:( Now as far as Erie, sure, no problem. You've got plenty of engine to get you out of trouble with out there. Gas might be another issue. Best of luck.
  11. If you think 83 mph is fast check this out.
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    I'd run that baby wide open as often as I had the chance. You can never go to fast! The question is how is it to fish out of? You spend a small percentage of your time driving and a lot more of it on the deck with a rod in your hand. I would go to the link provided to BBC and check out what owners have to say about their boats and post your question there.
  13. miyot


    I wouldn't ride in the boat if you were going to go anywhere near 80mph. KI Jims advice is sound. A bassboat is Not ideal for Lake Erie. These are not really sea worthy boats. No matter what anyone says. A boat needs a self bailing cock pit, also a little more free board, than a Bass boat offers.

    I am sure you will do well with the Bass boat. Watch the weather. You can run fast when it is slick cam. When it kicks up, you have to slow down. That Baha sounds about right.
  14. I can't believe that someone with no obvious experience in a bassboat actually discusses what conditions they would be good in. Come on guys, first of all, how I know your inexperienced with bassboats is, none sink, yes they can be rough, but on Erie, if you have a 20 ft bassboat you need the power, 250hp to get over the next wave. I used to run a 18.5ft Javelin up there with no problems, it's how you run the water for the conditions that are there, he obviously won't be running 80mph in 3 or 4 footers. Get real and educated before you give any advice. Yes, the bigger boat will ride better, but a bassboat will do fine on Erie as long as you pay attention and slow down. :D