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Boat Names

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by Raines, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. does everyone have a name for thier boat offical,or unoffical? i'm asking because my wife has a problem with mine.thanks for your replies.
  2. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    Mine's frequently referred to as "The Other Woman".

  3. ncraft150

    ncraft150 Buckeye-Basser

    Mine is named after my nickname "Buckeye Basser"!!
  4. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    mine has several names.all given by my wife,and not appropriate for posting in the forums.
  5. "Next to Nothing"

    That's what I paid for.

    That's what I catch out of it.

    And it's the required attire for all passengers of the oppisite gender!!!

  6. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    Hahaha...Nice Wes ;)
  7. smallieguy

    smallieguy Smallmouth Please

    I call mine ''hole in water to pore money into.'' :D
    or ''my wessel.'' :D
  8. Lundy

    Lundy Staff Member

    Mine is named "2 Short", or "Two Short". or "Too Short". Call me by any of those three names on Erie on Channel 79 or 68 and I'll answer you. :D

    Wes.... :D

    Just a couple more weeks and It'll be time to do the Marblehead, western basin thing. I HOPE.

  9. Bassnpro1

    Bassnpro1 OSU outdoorsman

    mine is the TUB, b/c it is a 12' fiberglass "tub" basically that sits so low in the water you wouldn' beleive it. It just looks like a tub in the water.
  10. sowbelly101

    sowbelly101 Keep'n It Reel

    :D High In Fiber :D

    aka, Sheeit floats

    sowbelly :D
  11. [water Bong] Used It On Both My Boats.
  12. Bark Shark. If there is a tree anywhere within a mile some how I will cast in to it.
  13. Mine is Paparivet. Aluminum boat of course.

  14. Fishin' Coach

    Fishin' Coach Wall I ETR

    When I bought mine it was called the "wave wacker"
    when I went to pick it up my buddy who sold it to me removed the "wave" and replaced it with "pud"

    Worst part was I didn't even notice till the 3-4 time I took it out and recieved some pointing and laughing from the boat next to me at the ramp. :eek:

    I need some new friends :rolleyes:
  15. most people don't know this but the ohio river has always gone hand in hand with nudity. for example river boats had river maidens which would meet you at there dock nude. another thing i've witnessed is pleasure boaters flash the barge captains when they pass . thats the history behind my boat's name(SEAMORE BOOBIES)
  16. fishcrazy

    fishcrazy Muskie Chaser

    "Not Pretty but paid for" I, II, III The wives of bass boat owners notice the name most with comments like " Don't you wish you could say that about your boat, Huh!!!!!" :cool:

  17. 521


    What's next?
  18. I name all my automobiles, boats, etc... I call my truck "Casey Jones" and my boat goes by "Grounds for Divorce"
  19. Bass_Hawg

    Bass_Hawg Certified Hawg Master

    named my boat when I got it and just finally put the letters on it this winter. Its a little 8 foot pond prowler boat like you buy at bass pro. I named it the

    Fat Hobbit