Boat/Motor/Trolling Motor/Sonar/Batteries for Sale

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    For Sale - Located in Westerville, Oh (northern Columbus)

    Boat + Motor
    Ridgeline w/title - not sure as to the year
    16ft V-Hull
    Newly mounted lights and bilge pump with switch at console
    2 bench seats, 1 padded, 1 with 2 fold down seats
    plywood floor, casting deck and trolling motor platform
    Transom Auxilery motor mount (stationary)
    1 Year old cranking battery - 1000 CA
    1961 Evinrude Lark III 40 hp
    (2) 6 gallon tanks
    Single Axle Trailer with Spare
    All safety equipment

    This is a great utility boat (hunting or fishing), the boat takes on very little to no water. The floors are in solid condition. All the electrical is new, there is a storage compartment in the front. The trailer is in really good shape. The boat is light and goes on and off the trailer very easily. It is very wide and stable. I bought the boat to duck hunt in and never got around to getting it set up. The motor runs and starts very well. I replaced the lower unit last year (with a used one) and accidently pulled out the pin that holds the shifter linkage in place when I was trying to drain the LU oil and as a result I had to take the lower unit apart (which it is right now and it is very clean and the gears are in great shape). I need to get a new seal for it before I put it back together which is ~ $15. The boat runs great, but doesnt like to idle down long which just means you have to play with the gas a little. I think if you cleaned the carbs you wouldnt have this problem, but I can never seem to find time. There is wiring to the bow for a bow mounted trolling motor. It also has a brand new fish finder. I've only had the boat out 6 times or so because I'm always fishing Erie.

    IMO, the old evinrudes are great motors and run forever if maintained and parts of easy to find. The boat, trailer, lights, bilge pump, and safety equipment itself is well worth the money and the motor could be sold for parts or whole if wanted to be replaced with another you already have.

    $675 for boat, motor, trailer and sonar.



    Bottom Line Tournament 480 Max w/ ram mount and transom transducer - $90, bought last season & works perfectly

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    minn kota 55 is 12 volt system
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    Thats right - I have two batteries to ensure I can fish all day or consecutive days as if they are drained completely down it will take a day to recharge.
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    Trolling motor, deep cycles and trolling motor mount SOLD.

    Boat, Trailer, Motor and Sonar STILL FOR SALE
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    I have the identical set up and love this boat. Easy on gas and easy to get around.
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    Bump #1

    Guys, this is seriously a great utility boat that will last forever. If I didnt have a boat on Lake Erie and spent more time around Columbus, I would never think of selling it. It would be great for small lakes, duck hunting, 9.9 lakes, or near shore trolling on Erie in the fall.
  8. Wow, $675 is a steal....... No takers???
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    Bump #2 -

    I have seen interest, but want it out of my garage, so first with money is the taker.

    PM me with any questions.
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    hit me up with an email at and let me know if you still have this boat. thanks-adam
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    I'll be in Columbus all weekend for anyone who would want to see this boat!

    It is extremely wide and stable! And I've never had a problem with the motor starting for me (when my batterys been charged! ;) ) Has been stored in my garage also so floors are solid and no rot.

    Trailer + Spare
    2 life jackets
    anchor (might have 2 cant remember)
    navigation lights
    2 gas tanks
    Brand new Cranking Battery
    spare light for trailer
    new mounted 3-rod holder (storage only) on boat

    What more can you ask for for $675?!! If you bought all this seperately it would be much more than that!

    If anyone is wondering, the reason I haven't put back together is I figure there is no reason to do so for someone and then they have to turn right back around and take it back apart to put the new seal in it and another new batch of lower unit oil.

    I have a lot of pictures of the LU and all the gears and would be happy to email them to you. Its too much of a pain to upload all of them onto here. Basically there are 4 parts (1. upper gearcase housing with drive shaft and water pump, 2. lower half of gear case housing, 3. prop shaft with gears all in place, and 4. shifter linkage)

    If you really want I will put it all back together with the old seals that I have. They are rubber and will work, but you may loose a little oil and have a little water come into the LU, but as long as you check it periodically and add new oil you wont have any problems - especially when temps are not below freezing. I would personally get a new one and seal it up good, but its not absolutely necessary. EITHER WAY ITS A VERY SIMPLE JOB!

    The seal can be purchased here for $15 you need #2686

    BTW, if I don't get rid of it by the end of next weekend I'm giving it to my stepdad to take up to his family's cottage in Canada and leave there for everyone to use....I really want to sell it, but ultimately I want it out of my garage so I can fit other things in there!!!