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  1. i seen in a book in walmarts a long time ago how to build a layout like a big bass rig in a alum. boat . with rod holders,livewells,casting decks,and so on .any neat web sites you know of thanks
  2. Cajun.....
    These websites helped me tremendously, I am currently refurbishing a 14 foot semi-v AlumaCraft aluminum boat.!
    I am repainting the bottom now(waterline down), then I will turn it over and put floor, casting deck, electronics(livewell,bilge,lights,electric anchors).
    The first website is totally awesome for jon boats with some "v" plans but its all the same just some modifications.
    Any questions you might have the second website will answer them for you in detail and accurate.
    Any help I can give you please feel free to ask.

  3. thanks a million it was just what the doctor ordered
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