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Boat Inspection Story

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by Big Daddy, Apr 11, 2004.

  1. I'm sure you guys have them too, but I just have to say, why do Watercraft Officers have to be such, well, jerks?

    I was at West Branch Saturday, and teh watercraft guy shows up. He stopped to inspect the boat in front of me, and since I hadn't had mine inspected for 04, I figured I'd get 'er done. Well, I took out my life jackets, throwables, flag, horn, everything, and set it up for him to see. I had teh registration stuff too, but here's the rub. I bought the boat last year and teh sticker that was on the boat when I bought it is good thru 2005. I asked when I did the registration, title, etc., at the BMV if I needed to get the name changed. They said NO, you do it when the permit expires in March '05. No problem. Lat year, when I had the boat inspected, the watercraft guy said NO PROBLEM. This year? PROBLEM. Guy says, "is this you on teh registration?" I say NO, it's the previous owner, but when I got it, both he and teh BMV folks said I didn't need it changed as the permit is valid. He said, "Are you getting smart with me? Caling me a liar? Don't you think I know my job?" I was merely explaining to him that during LAST year's inspection, it wasn't a problem. He, again, stated teh other guy didn't give me good info. I said, well, since it was the director of the district office, he better have know. We did a story on CH 3 on boating safety and went through a boat inspection using my boat on the air for the story. Again, he started with teh " you getting smart with me" junk. I passed inspection, save the name transfer, and the guy refused to give me a sticker. What a tool. I wasn't being negative or short with him in any way. He set that tone with the whole thing and it was very unprofessional. Best thing was the fact that once we got on the water, we found some biting crappie. That story is in teh NE fishing section.

    Just venting.

  2. Worm Drowner

    Worm Drowner Banned

    You should have taken his name and told the director of the district office about him.

  3. I still might. It's on the inspection reciept.
  4. crappiebub

    crappiebub Justcrazy's Guide!

  5. I got pulled over on my boat last summer. The boat cop was very courtious. I was short one life vest and he even offered to loan me one. The one you got was as bad as mine was good. Come out to Saltfork where the nice boat cops are. :)
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    Was it a Div. of Watercraft officer or a local lake ranger? If it were the Division of Watercraft, you can file a grievence with the DNR. You are correct though. You don't have to do a name transfer on a boat until the permit long as the previous owner signed the back of the registration signing the boat over to you. Otherwise, the boat would still legally be his.
  7. misfit

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    crappiebub is right(that form jogged my memory).i never had a problem on previous boats(all under 14 feet),but i remember now,that when i applied for a new title for my last one(14 feet)i had to get it re-registered and pay 5 bucks transfer fee,even though the sticker was still valid.
    i only just remembered because the girl tried to charge full price,and it took some explaining by her boss, and wasted paperwork,to get her to understand it was only a transfer,and i didn't have to pay full price :rolleyes:
  8. I ahve had nothing but good experiences with local and Ohio inspectors but, I have seen the stonefaced individual at Seneca act like he is the most important individual in the county and converse in the same way. I would definitely send a report into the proper office.
  9. I'm just going to wait and see. As far as the watercraft officer, being mildly annoying didn't get to me too bad, I just don't understand why he had to be that way. He wasn't real abusive or anything, and I'm sure in his job, he runs into some real knuckleheads and has gotten to the point to where that's how he is with everyone. I'm willing to let it go.
    As far as the permit transfer, I'm just waiting until next year. The boat is registered in my name, titled in my name, all that, so I'll get the permit in my name when I get the new permit next year.