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Boat Info?

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by BassBlaster, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. I found a boat that I am interested in and would like to see what info folks may have about it. It is a 87 Gemini Tri Hull, Billy Westmorland Pro Series, Smallmouth, 15'-2", 70 HP Mercury. Comes with trolling motor, 2 fish finders, all the stuff you would expect a boat to come with. Motor was blown up last year due to oil lines cracking and all the oil leaked out. Motor was profesionally rebuilt back in the spring and was only used a couple times before the guy bought a new Skeeter and this one has just set. This motor looks brand spanking new under the cover. I can trade even up for a quad that I have. The quad is worth a bit more than the boat I believe but I only have $1500 in the quad. I guess I'm wandering does anyone have any experience with a Gemini? ( I had never heard of them ) Does anyone know what it might be worth? Would you try to sell the quad and buy the boat or just trade even up? The quad's bluebook value is $4065, but like I said, I only have $1500 in it. Info is helpfull, thanks!!
  2. Here's a couple pics of the boat and motor. He also said he would pay for a professional buff job because it has a worn look from setting in the sun and he said he would insist that I take it out on the water before making the trade.

  3. take it out!!! if it runs to your liking trade even up!!!! that boat assuming the motor is as you say is worth the $1500++!! my .002...
  4. That's the way I'm leaning. I was hoping someone had some experience with these boats. I've been searching all night and can't seem to find any info. The only Gemini boats I can find are inflatables and catamarans.

    Besides the motor and hull, what other things should I be looking at on a used boat?
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    Most of what may be old (20yrs.) can be fixed or replaced if needed (seats, carpet, wood hatch doors, hinges, etc...).
    I would look for cracks in and around the transome, mostly top corners and in the motor well. Also see if you can see inside wood in the transome through the back hatch. One thing that can happen is water can leak in over a period of time (through screw holes for transducers, jack plates, motor mounting, etc..) and slowly rot it. If it's realy bad, and you remove a screw, water (usualy dark in color) will come out. Even then it would be a judgement call as weather to buy it. The motor well design (boxed) may still hold up and give you years of service, but that would be the most concerning thing to me. Hope this helps.
  6. Thanks for the tips. I wasn't aware there was any wood in a glass boat so I'll definately check that out. Thanks again!!
  7. My advise, from mistakes, is be 100% sure the motor is sound. Anything else can probably be replaced or fixed. If the motor is or goes bad on the other hand, getting a new one could make the whole project worthless. As you know, 70's are very expensive. Also, I've found not many people around here will even service an engine older than 12-15 yrs. I'm in a hole now because of the situation I warned you about. I've come to the conclusion that if you can't get a newer one than just don't get one. That could be coming from the anger i'm experiencing though. Be careful and good luck, I hope that motor is good.
  8. I have tossed around the idea of taking it to a marine shop and having them look at it and giving me there opinion but I don't have alot of cash to spend right now. That's why this deal looks so sweet. I was getting ready to sell this quad to buy a boat and them run across this deal where the guy wants to get rid of the boat for a quad, so that works out great. This boat belongs to a buddy's brother in law also, so I don't believe my buddy would steer me wrong. Does anyone know how much it would cost to have a marine shop look at it? I'm going to try the boat out this week sometime and would like to make a decision then but you guys all got me nervous now. I'm gonna go over tomorrow and really spend some time looking at the boat to see if I can find anything, then the only thing I would have to be concerned about would be the motor. Thanks for all the tips so far. If anyone else would like to add what I should look for, please feel free!!