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  1. After a death in the family, I was left a boat that my Uncle owned.

    The boat has sat in a garage, unheated but well protected, for 3 years unused. It has been untouched, unstarted, unwinterized, un everything.
    It has an older 1970-1980 johnson outboard that has been sitting as well. The fuel tank even has fuel in in still. I do not think there is stabil in it.
    The batteries are still in the tray, obviously unusable but they are not expanded or show any signs of freezing which makes me feel good, that maybe the motor has not froze up.

    Where do I start with this next year? Should I do something now before winter? I would guess that if something bad was going to happen it already has.

    I know I need to dump the gas, probably get new fuel lines, new batteries, but I am not sure how to go about accessing the motor or getting it into running order.
    I just do not know where to start and this is an important boat to me.

    Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.
  2. I'd start with the simple things first. I would not wait until next spring to do it.

    Dump the gas. get fresh, high quality gas (Sunoco, Shell, Mobil). Stay away from BP.
    Visually inspect the lower unit for any cracks.
    Visually inspect any and all fuel lines, battery connections, ect.
    Install a new fuel filter.
    Drain lower unit oil, and replace. Check for water.
    Take out the spark plugs, and see if you can turn the motor by hand. If you can, spray fogging oil or another high quality lubricant into the plug holes, and let it set for a few hours.
    Put new plugs in it.
    Get a new battery.
    Hook some muffs up to it and see if it fires up. If you see no pee stream within a few seconds, shut it down.
    If it does fire up, which it should, you should have the impellar replaced. It is most likely dry rotted.

  3. Het, What's with the BP comment? Care to elaborate as to why you feel it isn't quality fuel??

    I'm just curious, no personal motivation. I've had people tell me their fuel pump failure or rusting gas tank issues were cuased by BP gas. Both cases were on mid 90's GM cars that have tank mounted electric fuel pumps prone to failure and non-galvainzed fuel tanks prone to rusting--regardless of fuel brand.

    The only brand name fuel I've ever had a problem with was Shell. I had a 1980 T-Bird that just couln't run right on Shell fuel for some reason.
  4. BP gas has alot of alchol in it dont like it at all, You should here the story about why Ford has use bp gas on there gas caps.
  5. i haul gas and the only difference in it is the additive and all ethanol gas is only 10% ethanol mobil gas comes fromthe shell terminal u should only run straight gas in an outboard no ethanol if u have any water in ur tank the ethanol will seperate from the gas and attach to the water
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    my vro pump went out last week . the mechanic at knox marine said to avoid B.P. gas too. the mixes they use eats rubber parts like found in vro fuel pumps.