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Boat help.

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Vedyse, May 27, 2007.

  1. Not sure if this is an appropriate board for this or not but here goes.

    I just got my first boat today an 82 Basstracker III. The engine is going to need a tune up per the seller. What I am looking for is simple. Does anyone know a reputable repair place near Sunbury that can work on mercury motors?

    Thanks for any advice or input.


    I would call Knox Marine, in Fredericktown. They have help me out before....740-694-7774....Good luck....

  3. StuckAtHome

    StuckAtHome Mad SOT YAKER!

    I'll second knox, bought all my boats there, top notch repair shop too...
  4. Magilla

    Magilla Rather be fishing

    I agree Knox is a good place to have work done. It may a bit more of a drive to get there but it is worth it.
  5. Thanks for the input.

    So far it seems that the engine may be too old to have it serviced. Knox is the only place that even seems willing to see if a tech will look at it.

    Replacing the motor will likely cost more than I paid for the package already :(

    Hopefully the technician will be willing to take a look at it and do a tune up.
  6. Not knowing what is wrong, I would suggest new plugs, wires and impeller. Buy a manuel and DIY. I have a 1978 Merc and it is great! Ya, I have to work on it some, but its a lot cheaper than a newer boat. The older motors do not have as much electronics, so that part makes it easier.
    Oh, I am not a mechanic by any means and even I can turn a wench!
  7. :D At some point I'm sure I will do some DIY stuff, especially after this lil hunt. However being the short patience person that I am, these projects end up making things worse that when they started.

    First time out especially after just buying the old thing I'd really like someone with training to work on it first. It so happens that Knox is willing to work on it next week so that problem is solved for the short term.

    Now to put it on the water this week and test things out before hand.