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  1. i am in the process of redoing my 1974 glasstron tri hull and was wondering about what type of plywood to use and what thickness?, i would like to use marine grade plywood but i am totally boat stupid here, first question is, if i use marine grade plywood do i have to resin the underneath side ? or do i need to resin and fiberglass cloth the bottom side?, i know i have to fiberglass cloth and resin the topside but am not sure about the bottom.
    second question is where do i purchase marine plywood around the dayton area? and the last question i have is how in the h.e double hockey stick do i get this damn steering wheel off the shaft? this thing is driving me nuts, any help would be greatly appreciated .......Mike
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    use exterior grade plywood of at least 5/8 thick or thicker. i would glass both sides, but it is not that necessary to do it at all.

  3. steering wheel ,should be a cover in the middle of wheel ,pop of , then a nut under it , it is on a taper shaft can be real bugger try get loose . try from the under side to tap it up ward , there is a key also on that shaft . you can;t see it till it pops of the shaft , note! they can be a real %%%%%, good luck.marine plywood big bucks .treated will last for yrs .
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    Unless you want rot. "Exterior" plywood will still rot if it's wet for long periods of time. Marine plywood simply has no voids in it so you'll get no open spaces when you cut it. It is much more expensive than a typical A/C plywood and is great if looks are important. When you are building substructures and are going to cover it anyway, go with the A/C. Cut your pieces and coat all sides with resin including the cut edges. This will delay the intrusion of moisture into the wood.
    I am a firm believer that water WILL eventually get into the wood. I have seen many completely glass-encased wooden sections that were completely rotten. How the water got in I couldn't tell you but the wood was bad. I've done a couple floors and haven't had any die yet doing it this way. What's easier- spend $50-$100 now on resin and coat the wood or do it all again in 10 years...

  5. Sometimes when you seal wood the moisture naturally inside the wood is trapped & causes rot, especially if it's real fresh from the mill. My .02.
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    The problem is fibeglass resin is not water proof. Water will seap thru it. Now Gelcoat or expoy is water proof. Cut your marine ply. and then soak the edges and all of the surfaces with a penetrating type expoy--West Sytems or Cpes or something like this. You can use the Fiberglass cloth and resin on top of a Expoy if the cloth is needed for strength ? The ideal top or finish coat would be gelcoat ? But not really neccesary ,you could use the expoy ? If you need more info just PM me ? Be glad to help with more info ? Wojo