Boat Drivers Needed for Big Ten Tournament!

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    I dont know how many of you frequent the Central Ohio forum, but I recently started the Bass Fishing Club of OSU and we are in need of a couple boats.

    The Big Ten Tournament is being held on Lake Maxinkuckee in northwestern Indiana (Culver in Marshall County I believe). The pre-fishing day is April 12 and the Championship is April 13.

    Our club has 3 boats between the members, so we can fish 6 people. The Big Ten tourney, living up to the word BIG, is allowing us up to 5 boats fishing 10 people. I have 10 or 11 members that are wanting to fish this tournament.

    The governing body for this event is the Collegiate Bass Anglers Association (CBAA). They are working with local (NW Indiana) bass clubs to see if they can get boat drivers. These boat drivers will bring their boats to the tourney, be the only driver, and allow two collegiate anglers to fish from the boat.
    9 of the 11 Big Ten teams are competing, so there is no way of knowing whether they are going to get enough boats from NW Indiana guys. OSU will not be the first in line either. We have 3 boats which is more than at least a couple teams, so they're going to try and even us out as best as possible.

    In the event that the CBAA cannot provide us with two more boats, we would be looking for 2 boats by other means. If you might be interested in doing this for us, please let me know via email at

    There are some boat limitations:
    -Has to be 16' long
    -Has to have a console w/ steering wheel (no tiller steering)
    -Has to have dual (or split) livewells
    -Boat needs to be insured
    -Big enough motor to get across an 1800 acre round lake in reasonable time

    Again, if you might be interested in doing this, please email me:

    Thanks in advance,
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    Hey OSU_Fisherman Sorry i can't help but just had to comment because my one son went to Culver Miliary Academy. He sent two summers at camp there and went to High School for four years there. He played Ice Hockey there four 4 years and Got a Great Education !!What a place I have great memories of that place. As a matter of fact he is going back this year for his 10 year class reunion.