boat detail tape?

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  1. My boat has a colored detail tape between the 2 tones of the boat. It is navy on the bottom of the boat and white on the upper but has a thin .5 in line of tape(like number stickers for your boat) and i was wondering where i could buy some at?
  2. Workdog

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    Sign or Graphics shops can help you out. When you put the tape on, it will pay to use a placing fluid that you spray onto the boat and onto the tape. Then, when you place the tape against the boat, the fluid will allow you to slide the tape around for a short period of time until you get it perfectly into place. Some people just use a weak dishwashing soap solution that you spray onto the surface. Once the tape is in place, use a squeegee or scott towel to remove air bubbles and excess fluid. The better tapes have an under film to expose the sticky side of the tape, and an over tape which helps to control the stretchyness of the tape.

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    I can help you out if you need something custom - I own a sign and print business.

    Otherwise, check out ebay for boat striping. I've seen quite a few different vendors selling rolls in various designs and colors. As was mentioned, installing is the real trick. Trying to keep the lines looking "straight" on a typical contoured boat hull is a bit of an art.