Boat Covers and Bimini tops

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  1. I am refurbishing a boat. The old cover is shot as is the bimini. I am going to get a new cover for sure.... still in limbo about the bimini.

    Do any of you know, and/or recommend someone in north east Ohio that does tops and covers?

    I got a price from Berlin Boat covers. the cover is reasonable, but the top was more than I bargained for.

    Hopefully one of you can put me on to some other who do this kind of work.

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    Don't know who to recommend, but don't throw the old away as it makes a good pattern for the new. Will save you a few coin.

  3. Not sure how far Middlefield, Oh is from you, but there is an Amish guy on state route 528 who does great work. Material cost is what gets you.

    I don't have a number. PM for directions.
  4. If Akron isn't too far, give Doug's Upholstery a call. His work is second to none.
  5. erbco custom covers
    8560 nebraska rd nw
    dundee oh 44624
    they have done all my famileis boats for years exellent work!!!!
    i think there is a pic in the whats your boat look like thread of my rig....
  6. Have the bimini made if you think the price is fair-or check out Cabala's for a comparison-they can usually fit you up.(Not sure if I read your comments correctly?) Then go to Wallymart for a cover. They got several types/sizes pretty much fit anything and should be less than $100. They last a few years and then you can get another one for the the cash you saved over custom!!!
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  8. Buick Riviera

    Buick Riviera Willows and bass go together like beer and pizza.


    300 5th St. S.E. ( A.K.A. State RT. 619)
    Barberton, Ohio 44203
    Phone 330-745-2127