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  1. i have a 17' 1984 bass tracker. it is in pretty good shape and pretty much all original. i would really like to clean it up, but im not sure what is ok for aluminum. i am thinking of using brillo pads but i wanted to make sure that using a brillo pad would not leave the aluminum open for corrosion. what type of cleaner would anyone recomend?
  2. Dougers,

    I am also getting ready to clean an aluminum boat. A friend I work with, told me to use sno bowl toilet bowl cleaner or any good toilet bowl cleaner. Dilute the cleaner about 25% with water. I tested a small area inside the boat with full strength cleaner and was kind of amazed that how quick it cleaned the aluminum, it looked new. I have not done the entire boat yet, but I plan on getting a carwash type brush to apply the cleaner. He did say that you had to hose off the cleaner pretty quick or it would leave streaks. As for sealing the boat with anything after cleaning, I don't know.

  3. Have you tried aluminum wheel cleaner?
    I know a guy that used automobile wheel cleaner on his boat, worked pretty good.

    I think he used four bottles on a 18 ft boat.
  4. i am sure i can clean the boat with no problem, i am just worried about hurting the aluminum. i would hate to ruin the thing since its in such good shape.
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    There is a product we sell and probably most boat dealers carry called "Zing", it makes aluminum look like new.