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Boat Cleaner?

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by Buick Riviera, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. Buick Riviera

    Buick Riviera Willows and bass go together like beer and pizza.

    Any recommendations on products for a wipe down of fiberglass/gel coat after you pull out of the water? Any products to avoid? A guy recommended Cinch to me.

  2. ncraft150

    ncraft150 Buckeye-Basser

    Bass Boat Saver!!

  3. Champion188 Elite

    Champion188 Elite Smallie slayer

    Buy a gallon of Bass Boat Saver! It will be the best money you ever spent.And will give you a SHINE beyond anything you have ever seen.
  4. Buick Riviera

    Buick Riviera Willows and bass go together like beer and pizza.

    Ok guys. Thanks for the responses. I just bought a gallon and a spray bottle.

  5. For years the Javelin folks reccommended using Vinegar in a spray bottle for wiping down the boat, My buddy would put in a dab of lemon juice and it smelled real nice and it helped keep any of the bacteria that builds up by breaking it down. My buddy used it for probably 10 years until he passed away a few years ago. He tourney fished regionally and trust me, you could eat off any part of his boat, top or bottom...

  6. ezbite

    ezbite the Susan Lucci of OGF

    just straight white vinegar? or is it diluted with water? im assuming white vinegar. id like to try this. thanks
  7. Dmuntean

    Dmuntean Bassmaster

    Where can I purchase Bass Boat Saver?
  8. Orlando

    Orlando Set The Hook!

    Vinegar and water will clean but Boatsaver cleans and shines. I have tried them all and nothing works as good. Great thing is it takes very little and goes a long ways. Dixie Marine also carrys it if you are down that way.
  9. will this work on boats that are already oxidized and dull when i bought my sportcraft the last owner did not take very good care of it i can hardly get the bird droppings off.