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I have been tossing around the idea of building a pontoon boat and was wondering if anyone knows a "general rule" for calculating horse power for a boat? because it will be homemade I dont have any idea of a starting point.
If it helps what i've been thinking of is what i'm calling a "modified" pontoon boat, think two kayaks made of solid closed cell foam glassed in with a platform connecting them something like 14 ft x 5 ft.
I was loooking at the seaeagle inflatables a while ago and while they seem like a good boat they are still over $1k which is out of my range for now.
I'm not talking about time or cost vs. buying a yak or canoe which I would probably only break even on at best but I like tinkering and designing and making my own stuff when I can.
On a side note do you think something of this type of design would be safe for erie on a reasonable day? that's my main reason for wanting the most reasonable and safe HP I can run on it in case a storm blows up on the lake and I need to get in quick.
I know alot of peeps take yaks out on the lake and I thought with two solid foam pontoons as long as it didnt "bob" or ride too rough it should be ok, but then again I havent built it or tried it yet so my opinion may change after the rescue ...lol
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