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I saw this post yesterday and I think I just assumed it was him. I am not sure if that is true or not but kind of sounds like it.

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Well, after several weeks, I finally got some time off to get out the boat I built. Last night a friend and I loaded up, and went out to Chippewa Lake and had quite an adventure, which included navigating in 4 inch deep water, a touchy motor, and 1 good oar. Not much fishing, but the boat floats with 10 inches of freeboard, fully loaded, and it was a goodtime for both of us. (used the 5hp, which has seen better times and is more about 2hp).

Today we went to Portage Lakes and put in over by Vanderhoof Rd. All was going great, until we got 50 feet from the dock, and the old 5hp sounded like it hit a rock. Not good. I turned and looked, and before i knew it, the thing sounded like a washing machine full of marbles, and then abruptly stopped.

We experienced a slight connecting rod failure.

But for a motor that I had $20 in, It was worth that for the laughs. We ended up rowing around a small bay, and caught more bluegill than we knew what to do with, threw them all back, got rained on, and caught 1 baby perch on the way back in, while we were ''trolling''. Looks like I'm going electric only from here on out. The bluegill were all tightline with a worm, in about 8 ft of water. 9 a.m. - Noon.
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