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  1. What boat brand and Models do you guys perfer? (for Walleye, Musky)

    And then Walleye, Bass?
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    This is an easy choice for me, Ranger Boats, 619,620,621 then the 681 is a great walleye/musky boat but all these models server as a great bass boat as well, alot of storage, great ride in calm and rough water, custom trailers and storage. The multispecies lineup has a huge front casting deck for bass and walleye, the only complaint from the bass guys on these rigs is that they are slower boats and they sit off of the water more due to the higher sides.

    Triton's 215x and 202x are great fishing machines as well, layout and the rest are pretty similar to the Rangers.

    These two manufactures represent the pro grade fishing machine in the fiberglass market market for both bass and walleye boats, musky anglers as well, these boats are built with the fisherman in mind.

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    Your question depends on whether you're fishing inland lakes or large bodies of water like Lake Erie...

    Boats "most often" used for Walleye and Musky fishing are often very similar. Much of your time is spent trolling, and a Deep-V style aluminum (Lund, Alumacraft, Crestliner, Fisher, Starcraft etc.) is typically what you see being used by most of those anglers. The higher sides with flat tops are made to mount rod holders, downriggers etc. Plus the transom is usually made to accommodate a kicker motor for trolling.

    "Typical" bass fishing is very different as most of the time you're up front on the trolling motor with rod in hand which makes the large flat casting deck ideal for that type of fishing. Or, you're zipping from one spot to another at high speed trying to beat the tourny clock which is why bass boats are designed to scoot. Names like Ranger, skeeter, stratos, javelin, triton etc. are all popular manufacturers of bass boats.

    Now, I'm sure you realize you can catch fish from almost any boat made. Some are just designed better for certain types of fishing. I've seen lots of guys fishing for bass in a deep V, and to a lesser extent I've seen several bass type boats on the troll for walleyes or muskys.
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    I noticed no one mentioned Tracker boats. I've never owned a boat, but these seem to be well equipped for a very reasonable price. Is the quality lacking?
  5. Cantsleep, "Is quality lacking", I would say not really at least not for the money. Their problem is the complete lack of customer support if there is a problem. Do a google search for tracker boat issues and read for a week, been some pretty sad storys over the years.
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  8. Buick Riviera

    Buick Riviera Willows and bass go together like beer and pizza.

    If I was shopping for a larger water walleye/muskie boat I'd go with a Lund. If I was shopping for a bassboat I go for a Ranger, Skeeter or Triton.

  9. Trophy Boats...I love em...
  10. I think those Sportcrafts are a little huge for local lakes. I perfer them for lake erie though. What about Lowe?
  11. my vote is ranger I was an aluim. guy and now have a 621 ranger and love it. I walleye fish mainly on erie, but have musky fished out of it and worked well.
  12. I have a Crestliner 1850 Fish Hawk & I think it is a great multi-species boat. I fish inland waters, and it has a nice big front deck for casting/jigging. It has a lower profile than a deep-V style so it doesn't get blown around in the wind as much, yet it still trolls pretty good.

    I don't know how well the boat would do trolling on Lake Erie in big waves, but it works great at Brookville, CJ, CC, etc...

    Just my $.02

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    As long as I'm fishing mainly inland waters for Bass... my name will never be on the title of anything other than a Ranger. I'm all about quality... and Ranger is the definition of the word.

    I was looking at a 2008 Nitro Z9 @ BPS in Rossford two weeks ago and decided to take a peek. Very nice looking boat, but I knocked on the fiberglass only to realize its made with much thinner, and cheaper, materials. It may go faster than my Ranger, but it'll also sink faster.

    This is only my opinion... there are a lot of great boats out there.
  14. Crestliner 1650 fishhawk, love it for inland and erie. Had a Crestliner 14' Canadian, loved that boat too!!
  15. Champion makes models for the pursuit of both species. They cost a small fortune, but their boats are unsurpassed for quality of construction.

    Good Fishin'
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    I was very happy with my previous boat - a Lund 16 footer and I'm really happy with my current boat - a Triton DV176 Sport. Both are deep v's and fit/finish and hull quality are excellent.
  17. How far can you go out on Erie in that Crestliner 1650 Fishhawk?
  18. I had a 17' tracker deep v and now have 19' Lund Pro V, both aluminum. Had the tracker about 8 years--it did not hold up and I had to have the hull repaired (rivets, bow cap) twice. The Lund has been a work of art. I looked at Crestliner--good boat, but I didn't like the layout--seemed narrow at the bow to me and I like alot of room. The Pro V handles rough water well, but has a fairly shallow draft so that I can use it in water a foot deep for crappie in the spring. With the 225 Opti, it does about 55 MPH (GPS speed) fully loaded. Depending on the spacing, I run it about 50 MPH in 2-3' waves and no issues. I also really like the pro-trak system for attaching rod holders and what not--no holds to drill, goes on in minutes and comes off just as easily.
  19. Three foot or less, several miles, no problem, but if 4' or more, I do not go out