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  1. I went to Batteries Plus today cause my bass boat battery that is less than a year old won't charge. They were checking it out and was asking me questions about it. I told them that I was using a Schumaker charger, a really good one and it just says check battery. I charged my other two boat batteries and they did fine. While they were still messing around, I was reading the charger box and it says aways charge a marine battery on shore. I have electric at my dock and I have charged my pontoon boat and my bass boat batteries in the water for years. Does anyone know what this means? The kid at the battery store didn't know.
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    probably just a safety precaution.they're afraid some doofus will drop it in the water while charging his batteries or something worse.kinda like the warning on mickey d coffee cups;)

  3. When you are charging the battery, the chemical reaction of charging can give off an explosive gas...That and boats aren't a good combination.
  4. I guess that I didn,t think of either of your answers. I bet Misfit is right about the over cautious thing. And snakecharmer reminded me about the off gas thing. I will have to be careful. It is very easy for me to charge in the water. I will keep the lids open when I,m charging. Thanks.
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    Geez. Makes my eyes water just thinkin bout it. My guess is it is better to drop a cup of coffee on your privates than a group 27 deep cycle battery... :D:D:D